Daily Devotionals

Between Dreams and Reality

When we embrace the changes in our plans and wisely use what God has given us, we find happiness in the balance between our dreams and reality.

The Beauty of the Aged

We are commanded to bring beauty to the faces of the elderly, to light them up with a smile, to “make them beautiful.

Revenge Is Foolish

God is reminding us that as our loving Father, He desires that we seek reconciliation and peace rather than the foolishness of revenge, and that we be governed by our love of one another.

Feeding the Poor

God is telling us that we all must view feeding the poor as our own personal responsibility, as well.

Being Holy

Sharing our lives with each other, singing together, and discussing God’s Word as a family leads directly to healthy relationships between parents and children.

Inspired by Faith

By studying these stories of faithfulness and meditating upon them, our own faith is strengthened. Indeed, faith inspires faith.

Kind Words for an Anxious Heart

It’s hard to break through the anxiety. But as the verse also states, kind words for an anxious heart can bring me back to feeling myself again.
Woman in a plaid scarf looking down in sadness.

The Enemy of Evil

So, while we pray for the end of hatred and anti-Semitism, we also take heart in knowing that God continues to preserve us.

Reconciliation and Forgiveness

There is a Jewish custom to spend the month leading up to Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, reaching out to people who we may have offended in order to seek reconciliation and forgiveness.

A Fire Inside

Only a candle with a flame can light other candles. The way to illuminate the world is from the inside out.

Choosing Your Own Adventure

It’s our daily Choose Your Own Adventure moment. One path leads to service of God. The other path leads to disobedience—the wilderness, where nothing grows.

Thirsting for God

Suddenly, all our material objects lose their allure, and we thirst for one thing and one thing only—an authentic and deep connection to God.

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