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Yom HaShoah Reminds Us: ‘We Will Live’

Mira wasn’t yet two years old when she and her mother were forced to flee certain death at the hands of the Nazis. Born in 1939 in Kyiv, Mira was just one of the hundreds of thousands of Jews trying to escape the city before the Nazis arrived.
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Every End Is a New Beginning
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Holy Work During Wartime  

“I was a 9-year-old girl and I remember the first time the German planes dropped bombs on Kyiv, Ukraine. I ran with hundreds of other people, searching for a hiding place. I remember we hid in an underground passage for hours; it was very scary.” 
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Shavuot: ‘I’ll Have to Give You a Rain Check’

Writing at The Times of Israel, Adele Raemer, (check out her Nourish Your Biblical Roots episode here), shares why this year she’s asking for a rain check on Shavuot, the Jewish Pentecost:

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Yael Eckstein, wearing a red scarf over her head, leans against the Western Wall in prayer.

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