Strategic Plan

IFCJ Canada’s strategic programming focus in Israel and the former Soviet Union (FSU) is to alleviate poverty for needy elderly, families, and children and to provide support for aliyah (immigration to Israel) and klitah (resettlement assistance).

Our three core ministries, Guardians of Israel, Isaiah 58, and On Wings of Eagles provide transformative help by partnering with local agencies in Israel and the former Soviet Union to establish supportive, life-changing assistance for Israelis and Jews in need.

Our Program Focus

Our Guardians of Israel ministry helps ease the suffering of Israel’s most needy, providing food, clothing, and basic essentials for survival.

We provide companionship and dignity to those with no one to care for them.

Just as the Guardian of Israel “neither sleeps nor slumbers,” we help needy Israelis and support God’s people with support and emergency assistance.

We care for suffering and impoverished people in the FSU, including Holocaust survivors and abandoned children, by providing food, medical care, clothing, and heating assistance.

We reach those in the most remote locations of the FSU to ensure not one of the “least of these” are forgotten.

Helping needy Jews to make their aliyah from all over the world, including the FSU and other lands of distress. These suffering Jews are able to escape extreme poverty, and able to realize their dream of living in their biblical homeland.

When olim (immigrants) arrive in Israel they are provide with klitah to help them become full, productive citizens of the Holy Land.

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