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Donor Confidence

You can be confident that your donations to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Canada (IFCJ Canada) are being used conscientiously to do the most good for Israel and Jewish people in need around the world. Explore this page to find out how we’re evaluated by trusted charity watchdog organizations, read endorsements from key Jewish and Christian leaders, and find out what donors and IFCJ Canada aid recipients are saying about the impact of our work.

IFCJ Canada regularly submits our financial information to Canada’s most established and respected charity watchdog organization — Charity Intelligence Canada — and we work hard to receive the highest grades possible for accountability and transparency, and to constantly be improving. It’s only through the generosity of our supporters that we’re able to do the work that we do. It’s important to us that you know your gifts to IFCJ Canada are being used effectively and efficiently — and we know it’s important to you too!

What Our Donors Say About Us


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is an organization that I’ve long admired that does tremendous and inspirational work. It represents really the very best of both of our faith communities, Christian and Jewish. I think Israel may be the most remarkable country that has ever been created.

Former Prime Minister of Canada the Right Honourable Stephen Harper

“It has been an honour to serve with the fellow Board of Directors and under the tremendous guidance and leadership of the Rabbi, may his memory be a blessing, and now President Yael Eckstein. With the risk of sounding cliché, the Board has truly become like family to me as have the staff, who are some of the kindest people I know. It has been nothing short of a privilege to bless others through the humanitarian work facilitated by IFCJ Canada. The mission is the same in all our hearts, Board of Directors, staff, and benefactors alike.“

Mariana Baben, Board Director, IFCJ Canada

“As a son of Holocaust survivors, I have a strong connection to the State of Israel and I’m drawn to IFCJ Canada’s mission to build bridges and strong connections between communities around the world.”

Henry Schnurbach, Board Director, IFCJ Canada

My involvement with the Board of Directors of IFCJ Canada has been a deeply personal mission, as I maintain a strong interest in supporting humanitarian care and lifesaving aid to those most in need. I am impressed by the experience and dedication of the staff, who work harmoniously with a well-diversified and committed Board of Directors.

Igor Korenzvit, Board Director, IFCJ Canada

Donor Testimonials

Thank you for the Fellowship Prayer Service. and it was very touching. Prayer is so very important. I was honoured to be part of something so very special. I’m honoured to be part of the International Fellowship of Jews and Christians of Canada. God bless you. God bless the Jewish people.

David H., Winnipeg, MB

Even though Rabbi Eckstein is no longer with us, I am glad for Yael and her position in his place. I see and feel the passion she has for The Fellowship as her loving father had. I will continue to support Yael and the mission for as long as I can for the Lord continues to lay it on my heart for the elderly. Bless you all.

Sonja N., Chestermere, AB

What The Fellowship does is inform Christians from all over the world the struggles of Israel and her people. (Rabbi Eckstein) wanted to see Christians and Jewish people united as one. Almighty God wants this, also.

Vanessa R., Calgary, AB

It’s an honour and privilege to support the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Canada. I have been a supporter for many years via my prayers and gifts as God provided so I could help feed, clothe and provide medical care for the elderly Jews living in Israel! It was Rabbi Eckstein who provided the voice with teaching and educating about the plight of the many elderly Jews living in poverty in Israel. And to think that many of these poor people were survivors of the Holocaust. My prayers continue for Yael and the ministry of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Canada.

Judith S., Port Coquitlam, BC

I don’t want them to suffer anymore. They have already suffered enough and if it’s within my power to be of help and blessing, I will.
– Natalia S.

This ministry has enriched my life and blessed me more than I can say. Thank you for this biblical lifesaving ministry that touches the hearts of many. God bless you richly with his grace and favour.

Charlotte B., West Vancouver, BC

When I was young, I “stumbled” on a book of one of my great uncle’s about the Holocaust. It was very disturbing, but when I questioned about it, although my parents and grand parents were reluctant to discuss it, my great uncles [who both fought in the war] were quite willing to share their views and beliefs in why it was necessary to stand up to persecution, and in particular and as a result of their experiences, anti-Semitism. It is very gratifying to be a small help in bettering the lives of persecuted Jews.

Marc, H.

My heart has a very soft and tender spot for the Jewish people especially since the Holocaust. My concerns are for the rise in anti-Semitism. My prayers are for God’s chosen people, including the elderly survivors.

Cheryl E.

Beneficiary Testimonials

Help came unexpectedly and just in time from The Fellowship! Thanks to this help, I was able to buy school shoes and clothes for my son Egor. Thank you so much!

Marina, whose son attends a Fellowship-supported Jewish school in Ukraine

Thank God, there still are kind people willing to help the elderly to survive in such difficult times. I am deeply grateful for that.

Olgerd, an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor in Russia

We don’t know how we would be able to live without the food box deliveries. The fact that we’re here for one another is what helps us stay strong. These food packages show us that there are good people who care about us and want to make sure that we have what we need to live and survive.

Sonia and Clara, 80-year-old twins from Moscow, Russia, who made aliyah and now volunteer at a Fellowship-supported soup kitchen in Israel where they also receive daily meals

You can’t imagine how much your help means for me. I’m completely alone, and these people from The Fellowship are just saving my life by visiting me, comforting me.

Sofia, an 84-year-old beneficiary in Israel

My parents and I don’t stop crying, but now there are tears of joy and excitement. For years we prayed and cried every day for the gift of our family being reunited. Thank you so much to The Fellowship for helping us fulfill our dream.

Ganeta, who was reunited with her family, thanks to Fellowship Freedom Flights

The Fellowship’s support has literally saved our program!

Tsad Kadima (organization works to educate and rehabilitate children and adults with cerebral palsy and other motor disabilities)

I really appreciate it. Thank you. It makes me very happy.

Elior, recipient of Purim event support

I can’t afford fruits, vegetables, or fish. I am week and have been bedridden. Thank you for not forgetting me.

Mariya, food box recipient in Ukraine


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Yael Eckstein named a winner by the 10th Annual 2022 CEO World Awards®

JNF honoured Yael Eckstein at the 2022 Ngev Gala honouring Christian friends of Israel with their theme “A mosaic of peacekeeping”.

The Jerusalem Post names Yael Eckstein as one of the 50 Most Influential Jews of 2021.

World Zionist Organization honours Yael Eckstein with Medal of Excellence.


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