Matzah Ball Soup

Matzah balls are more traditionally known as knaydelach (Yiddish for dumplings). Matzah ball soup is generally a very thin chicken broth with two or three ping-pong-ball sized matzah balls (or sometimes one very large matzah ball) and is a staple at all Jewish holidays.

Let’s Make Latkes!

On Hanukkah, it is traditional to eat foods made with oil in commemoration of the miracle of the menorah. When the Jews reached the Temple, they only found one jar of olive oil, enough to keep the eternal flame of the menorah lit for one day. In faith, they lit the menorah, and miraculously, the flame lasted for eight nights until more pure oil could be found.


Hummus is a traditional dish in Israel that is packed with fiber which makes it more filling and satisfying. Hummus is also rich with ingredients that help fight inflammation and the high protein content can improve your bone, muscle, skin, and blood health. It’s also something that Israelis and Jewish people love to eat because it’s so delicious!

Coconut Milk Cream of Barley Soup

Enjoy this creamy textured soup recipe made with one of the seven fruits of Israel - barley.

Fruit Salad

Try this simple fruit salad recipe made with several of the seven fruits of Israel - grapes, figs, dates, and pomegranate seeds.

Date Honey Chicken

Try this chicken recipe made with one of the seven fruits of Israel - date honey.

Creamy Tahina Salad/Rice Dressing

Ingredients ½ cup olive oil3 tablespoons soy sauce½ teaspoon toasted sesame oil1 tablespoon ho

Olive Dip

Try this dip recipe made with one of the seven fruits of Israel - olive oil.

Chocolate Breakfast Muffins

We love sweets! Try this chocolate muffin recipe made one of the seven fruits of Israel - wheat.

Pomegranate Salad

Try this salad recipe made with one of the seven fruits of Israel - pomegranates.

Applesauce Cake with Cream Cheese & Honey Frosting Recipe

The food most closely associated with Rosh Hashanah is apples dipped in honey, an autumnal gesture to shepherd in a sweet year. A lot of desserts feature apples and honey, and this super-simple cake (which requires one bowl and one cake pan) fills the bill.

Chicken Soup

While chicken soup is a staple of any Jewish festival or Sabbath meal, it is especially significant on Passover.

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