After the Miracle

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Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture,
    will praise you forever;
from generation to generation
    we will proclaim your praise
. — Psalm 79:13

Miracles are central to both the Jewish and Christian faiths, and both biblical narratives are replete with miracles. Enjoy this collection of devotional teachings on the nature of God’s awe-inspiring signs and wonders.

For many years, there was an incredible Toronto-based event where hundreds of Jewish young adults would gather each year for a special dinner devoted to hearing the stories of Holocaust survivors. One survivor was seated at each table full of young people ready to bear witness to their harrowing experiences of unimaginable loss and suffering. The Holocaust survivor shared how they survived against all odds and went on to find light after such terrible darkness.

While this event could have had many different names, the founders called it the “Dinner of Miracles” and scheduled it around Hanukkah each year, a holiday that’s all about celebrating and sharing miracles. Today’s verse from Psalm 79 offers us an explanation for why they made this decision.

After the Miracle

Many of the Psalms focus on the psalmist needing a miracle, praying for a miracle, or receiving a miracle. But what happens after we experience a miracle? Do we forget about it and go back to business as usual? How do we remember it and allow it to impact our lives?

According to the founders of the event, “The Dinner of Miracles seeks to engage a new generation of active community members to ensure that from generation to generation—l’dor vador—we never forget.” This language points to our Bible verse; Psalm 79 concludes: “Then we, your people, the sheep of your pasture, will praise you forever; from generation to generation we will proclaim your praise.”

When we experience a miracle in our lives, it’s not enough to remember it alone and express our gratitude privately. We are taught to publicly share our own personal miracle stories with others, specifically the next generation, in order to create a legacy of gratitude, faith, and praise that will burn brightly in our children, grandchildren, and all the generations that will follow.

Your turn: Regardless of how difficult our lives have been, each of us has received at least one miracle—the miracle of life itself! How can you share this miracle with the next generation, bringing glory to God’s name?

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