When the 74-year reign of Communism ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, the door to freedom opened to one of the most oppressed groups of people on earth—Soviet Jews, who had long been denied permission to return to Israel, their ancestral homeland.

With large-scale emigration finally possible, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews launched On Wings of Eagles to transport these Jews on Freedom Flights to the Holy Land. To date, thousands of Soviet Jews have made aliyah (emigrated to Israel) through this initiative.

Over the years, the scope of The Fellowship’s efforts to rescue Jews in peril has expanded beyond the former Soviet Union to include those living under state-sanctioned anti-Semitism in Arab lands, thousands of “lost” Jews found living in remote corners of Ethiopia and India and Jews living in Argentina, where rampant anti-Semitism has led many to look to Israel for their future.

Through their generous donations to On Wings of Eagles, The Fellowship’s friends have brought thousands of Jews to the Holy Land from all corners of the world. By funding aliyah, The Fellowship’s donors are showing their compassion and concern for the Jewish people.

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Helping Jews Immigrate to Israel
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