Donations of Stocks and Securities

Donations of Stocks and Securities

Gift of Securities

You may be able to avoid capital gains taxes through transferring gifts of (publicly-listed) securities to The Fellowship. Do not cash in your security.

First, contact IFCJ Canada, or have your broker call us at 1-855-311-4325 for details.

Why is a donation of securities a good investment?

Your donation of stocks worth $10,000 today (that you originally purchased for $5,000) would yield you with an estimated $4,500 in income tax savings, all without a capital gains tax.

That means your $10,000 donation cost you only an estimated $5,500. This results in thousands of dollars in savings while avoiding a capital gains tax *.

* Example above illustrated in top tax bracket in Ontario.Please consult with your financial planer.

Request more information or call 1-855-311-4325