Rabbi's Weekly Commentary

Honour Your Father and Mother

Honouring our earthly parents is one way that we begin to understand the importance of the One who is the source of all life: God, our heavenly Father, who sustains us with His provision, protection, and love…
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Yael's Corner

A Father’s Day Message from Yael

With Father’s Day coming up, Yael writes a message to her father, Rabbi Eckstein, thanking him for being the father, grandfather, man, and role model that he is.

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Nowhere Else to Turn

When violence broke out in their region of Ukraine, Andrey and Victoria knew they had to get themselves and their young son to safety in Israel. Learn how The Fellowship helped – and how you can offer a lifeline to other Ukrainian Jews in need.

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Sign Your Faith Promise for an Elderly Soul

Izabella is a living reminder of how the collapse of the economy in the former Soviet Union (FSU) has affected all sectors of society. Alone and living on a meagre monthly pension, she struggles to pay rent and utilities…

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You Can Change this Unacceptable Reality

Imagine being so impoverished that bread is too expensive. This is the sad reality that many elderly in Israel must live with every day. Learn how you can respond today to be the loving change they so desperately need.

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What Is Your Prophetic Role in Rescuing Jews in Danger?

The same deadly anti-Semitism that led the Nazis to cruelly exterminate 6 million Jews is growing stronger and spreading even farther today. Learn how you can help rescue Jews in danger.

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Journey to Zion

Journey to Zion is a unique and exciting educational program hosted by world-renowned author and Fellowship founder Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein about the Jewish roots of Christianity. Each 30-minute video helps Christians grow in their faith as they leam and strengthens Jewish-Christian relations by teaching Christians about Jewish history, traditions and culture.
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The Threat to Israel’s People

Sadly, the threat to Israel is now as great as at any time in her history. It is critical that Israel remains a strong, supported, and safe homeland for her people, who have already suffered so much.
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Multiply Your Blessings by Becoming a Friend of The Fellowship

Friends of The Fellowship are a special group of donors who pledge to make a gift each month to help impoverished Jews around the world. This steady stream of love and support on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people allows The Fellowship to make bold plans and budget our resources so each gift can make the greatest impact.
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