Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

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Jerusalem, Israel’s Historic and Spiritual Capital

Even as we rejoice in this news, let us also pray that peace will reign throughout the region...

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Guardians of Israel

This Should Not Be

Imagine being trapped inside your home for over a year and a half - with no hope and no help...Read More

Isaiah 58

Hava Isakova

How You Can Help Hava

Hava Isakova is 79 years old and has osteoporosis that is so severe she can no longer stand straight... Read More

On Wings of Eagles


Leaving a Beloved Country Behind

“We didn't want to wait for the missile that might target us...”Read More

Have You Seen Us On TV?

Give a Hanukkah Blessing for Holocaust Survivors

Give a Hanukkah Blessing for Holocaust Survivors

Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union need our help now with heat, food and medicine during the holiday season of Hanukkah. Watch Now 

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Donations of Stocks and Securities

Donations of Stocks and Securities

The 2017 charitable donation deadline of December 31 is fast approaching.More Info


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