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Troubled Times - and Timeless Wisdom

Who among us has not at one time been weary, hungry, or fearful?

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Hebrew Word of the Day

Guardians of Israel

A Life of Fighting to Survive

Irina remembers her childhood as a time of cold and hunger – it was never warm enough and there was never enough to eat...Read More

Isaiah 58


“I Was Always Hungry”

“People ate clay and grass,” Sonya recalled, as she sobbed at the horror she cannot erase from her memory. “Others boiled leather and ate it. I was always hungry...”Read More

On Wings of Eagles


Next Freedom Flight Boarding Soon

Aleksandr showed us pictures of the anti-Semitic slurs written on the family’s home...Read More

Have You Seen Us On TV?

Holocaust Survivors in Crisis

Their Time is Running Out

Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union living in horrible conditions cannot afford basic necessities needed to survive. Your help today will be a lifesaving blessing. Watch Now 

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Lokshen Kugel!

This item falls into the category of “grandma's dishes...”View Recipe


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