Rabbi's Weekly Commentary

Bringing God’s People Home

The Bible tells us to “Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth” (Isaiah 43:5-6). This is just what The Fellowship will do in a historic aliyah on December 22…
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Yael's Corner

Providing for Israel’s Future

Yael tells the story of David, a young boy she met who has overcome a life of hopelessness and poverty, thanks to The Fellowship and those who care about making Israel’s future better and brighter.

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A Lifesaving Freedom Flight

Listen to the story of a Ukrainian businessman who faced an impossible decision in the midst of the violent unrest gripping his homeland. It is stories like his that inspired The Fellowship’s upcoming Freedom Flight. But we cannot do this lifesaving work without your help.

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She Needs Our Help to Raise Her Grandchildren

Ludmilla has been caring for her grandchildren ever since their mother abandoned them, but her meager pension doesn’t cover her own needs let alone theirs. She is doing the best she can, but the bitter cold and constant dampness are taking a terrible toll on their health. Learn how The Fellowship is helping.

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Help Support Israel and Her People

Innocent people are being murdered in synagogues, at train stations, and on the streets of Jerusalem. While terror attacks are occurring with greater frequency in the Holy Land, anti-Semitic violence is also on the rise around the world. Learn how you can help provide much-needed aid.

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Emergency Help for a Family in Desperate Need

The Fellowship has been providing desperately needed help to the Bondarchuk family for years. And when they had to flee for their lives when unrest rocked their home country of Ukraine, we were there to offer them lifesaving help, thanks to generous friends like you.

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Journey to Zion

Journey to Zion is a unique and exciting educational program hosted by world-renowned author and Fellowship founder Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein about the Jewish roots of Christianity. Each 30-minute video helps Christians grow in their faith as they leam and strengthens Jewish-Christian relations by teaching Christians about Jewish history, traditions and culture.
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Special Thank You During Time of Crisis

Through your support, The Fellowship has been able to deliver food to needy Israelis during time of crisis. Elderly Israelis who are too afraid or weak to leave their homes, receive visits from Fellowship volunteers who risk their lives to not only bring nourishing food but also needed companionship. You are a bright light to so many. Thank you for your continued support.
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Multiply Your Blessings by Becoming a Friend of The Fellowship

Friends of The Fellowship are a special group of donors who pledge to make a gift each month to help impoverished Jews around the world. This steady stream of love and support on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people allows The Fellowship to make bold plans and budget our resources so each gift can make the greatest impact.
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