Rabbi's Weekly Commentary

Praying for Comfort and Justice

As we pray that God will comfort the parents of the three Israeli slain teens, and that the murderers of Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali …
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Yael's Corner

Together in Unity

Although the prayers that our three boys would come home safely were not answered, we should continue to lift up our prayers in unity.

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Ukraine: Escaping Persecution and Poverty

Seventeen-year-old Oksena was born in the small Ukrainian town of Skvira which, prior to World War II, was home to a large Jewish community. Then tragically during the war, most of the Jews in Skvira were executed and the Jews who survived lived in severe poverty and fear of persecution.

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Send a Message of Love and Support for Ukraine’s Jews

On his recent return trip to Ukraine, Rabbi Eckstein witnessed the good The Fellowship’s support has done in the troubled region – and also saw the dire needs and danger the country’s Jewish community continues to face. Learn how you can continue to help.

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Help Protect the Most Vulnerable Israelis in the Line of Fire

Code Red sirens warn Israelis that they have seconds to seek shelter from terrorist rockets. But that simply isn’t enough time for elderly residents like Maria Rachmilov, whose Be’er Sheva home sustained a direct hit and was totally destroyed. Help us offer lifesaving assistance to Israelis in the line of fire, like Maria.

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In the Line of Fire,
Southern Israelis Need Your Help

With continued rocket fire from Gaza endangering much of southern Israel over the past week, Rabbi Eckstein made an emergency trip to the region to express The Fellowship’s support and to see what additional humanitarian needs we can help meet.

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Journey to Zion

Journey to Zion is a unique and exciting educational program hosted by world-renowned author and Fellowship founder Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein about the Jewish roots of Christianity. Each 30-minute video helps Christians grow in their faith as they leam and strengthens Jewish-Christian relations by teaching Christians about Jewish history, traditions and culture.
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Ukraine’s Jewish Population Need Your Help

In this gripping video, Rabbi Eckstein shares about the fear and economic hardship that have seized the Jewish community in Ukraine, as the country continues to experience violence and unrest. Learn how The Fellowship is helping and how you can join us in offering lifesaving assistance.
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Multiply Your Blessings by Becoming a Friend of The Fellowship

Friends of The Fellowship are a special group of donors who pledge to make a gift each month to help impoverished Jews around the world. This steady stream of love and support on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people allows The Fellowship to make bold plans and budget our resources so each gift can make the greatest impact.
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