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Rabbi’s Weekly Commentary

Aliyah Day – Celebrating a Miraculous Return

Aliyah (Immigration) Day will be a celebration of Israel and its people, who hail, quite literally, from ‘the four corners of the earth…’”

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Daily Devotional

Hebrew Word of the Day

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Guardians of Israel

A Mother Wants a Better Life for Her Children

A Mother Wants a Better Life for Her Children

Although Melina, 34, works long hours at her job taking care of elderly nursing patients and often takes on double shifts, she is simply overwhelmed by the ongoing expenses she faces to support a family of five … Read More…

Isaiah 58

Close Family Faces a Bleak Passover

Freedom from Pain and Hunger

Irina and her mother, Inna, live in Ukraine. Their numerous medical problems make it difficult, if not impossible, for these two elderly women to leave their home. The women’s isolation is especially hard given their active past… Read More…

On Wings of Eagles

The Fellowship Helps Provide Rescue to Jews Worldwide​

Over the past year and a half, The Fellowship and our donors have helped thousands of Jews escape war, anti-Semitism, and extreme poverty by making aliyah aboard our Freedom Flights…Read More…

Have You Seen Us On TV

Help Israel's Neediest People

Elderly are living in poverty, missing meals, and going to bed hungry. You can help Israel's suffering souls by making your most generous gift today. Play Now…


A Birthday Blessing to You!

A Birthday Blessing to You!

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Holy Land Moments

Holy Land Moments

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Yael's Corner

Yael's Corner

The Guardian of Israel neither Slumbers nor Sleeps

“I just finished putting my baby to sleep when the siren started to blare. It's so loud, there's no way to miss it or be mistaken…”

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