Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

Rabbi’s Weekly Commentary

Two Are Better Than One

God reminds us that we weren’t designed to face difficulties alone. I see this concept at work every day as our loving community of Fellowship supporters blesses people in need, reminding them that they are not alone.

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Daily Devotional

Hebrew Word of the Day

Guardians of Israel

Blessings Abound Because of You

Blessings Abound Because of You!

Lida and Nikolai don’t have the words to express how important you are to them… Read More

Isaiah 58

A Family Struggles

We Remember. We Act.

Forty Holocaust survivors die every day. That means in the time it takes to read this note, another Holocaust survivor has passed away—likely after years of despair and fear. No one should suffer and die alone… Read More

On Wings of Eagles

No Time to Wait

Free From Constant Shelling

“Planes flew over our home dropping bombs. Everything was exploding…”Read More

Have You Seen Us On TV?

Elderly Holocaust Survivors Need Emergency Survival Packages

Holocaust Survivors Need Emergency Help

You can provide a lifesaving package of food and the gift of warmth and care to Holocaust survivors today… Watch Now 

Let’s Make…

Brisket Sliders!

Brisket Sliders!

Brisket is a special dish loved by Ashkenazi Jews (Jews from France, Germany, and Eastern Europe) and prepared for special occasions such as parties or family gatherings!View Recipe


Prayer Team!

Prayer Team!

We invite you to unite with us and raise a chorus of prayer to God, making a powerful and positive impact on the world… Join Today

Yael's Corner

Yael's Corner

A Personal Day

For us, Yom HaShoah is not just a theoretical day of remembrance. For us, this day is personal.

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