Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

Rabbi’s Weekly Commentary

God’s Miraculous Rescue

“When poverty strikes people like this, it makes us ask: Haven’t these survivors suffered enough…”

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Daily Devotional

Hebrew Word of the Day

Guardians of Israel

Holocaust Survivor Faces Loneliness and Hunger

Hona is a sweet and talkative man, and is very grateful for surviving the Holocaust. But sadly, he now struggles with a life of extreme poverty. He barely has enough to eat, and wishes he had someone who would care for him in his old age… Read More…

Isaiah 58

Close Family Faces a Bleak Passover

Providing Hope for Care and Provision

Although Passover has ended, every day there are thousands of needy souls who continue to struggle to put food on the table… Read More…

On Wings of Eagles

This Is Help from Heaven

“We thank you for everything. This is help from heaven, and it is true joy that you exist.”Read More…

Have You Seen Us On TV

Provide Desperate Elderly with Your Blessed Generosity

Impoverished elderly in Israel face the everyday struggle of wondering how they will afford food and medicine, and many don’t have the strength to leave their homes. You can be a Guardian of Israel for these destitute people by providing nutritional food boxes and giving them the gift of hope. Play Now…


Join The Fellowship's Prayer Team

Join The Fellowship's Prayer Team

Our Prayer Team unites both Jews and Christians to pray for the peace and well-being of Israel and her people. Make a powerful and positive impact with us by joining today. Join the Prayer Team


Download Your Limmud Study on The Seder Plate: Food for Thought

Download Your Limmud Study on The Seder Meal: Food For Thought

During Passover, the seder meal is literal food for thought and in this month’s Limmud, we look at the significance of each item on the seder plate. Learn More

Yael's Corner

Yael's Corner

Restoring Survivors' Hope in Humanity

“The stories that Shoshanah told me from her war-ravaged childhood seemed so unimaginable, that if I hadn’t studied the atrocities committed during the Holocaust, they would be hard to believe…”

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