Rabbi's Weekly Commentary

Working Together, Doing Good

Just released, my biography, The Bridge Builder, not only gives an honest account of the triumphs and challenges that went into founding The Fellowship
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Yael's Corner

Feeling Closer to God

Yael answers a question from a friend of The Fellowship named Phil, explaining that we can be close to God wherever we are, though she feels a special connection to Him in Israel.

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“You Saved Our Whole Family”

Alexander and his family fled their Ukraine home when the shelling and missiles hit their neighbourhood. We were able to answer their desperate prayers for help because of you, and now we want to pray for you at the Western Wall.

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High Holy Days Are Quickly Approaching

Thousands of vulnerable Jews are unable to prepare for the holiest season of the year. Yet during what should be a time of reverence thousands are in despair as they cannot afford the food and other special items required for the High Holy Days. Please take a moment to watch this brief video about The Fellowship’s High Holy Days effort.

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Your Impact on Israel’s People

Your faithful prayers and compassionate support send a confirming message of solidarity to Jewish people worldwide.

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Prayers and Preparation for High Holy Days

Svetlana and her three granddaughters live amid shocking poverty in a dilapidated house in Ukraine. Through your prayers and generosity you can help provide food to 20,000 destitute Jews like Svetlana during the High Holy Days. Your gift will provide basic staples and special holiday foods so suffering Jews can observe the holidays with dignity.

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Journey to Zion

Journey to Zion is a unique and exciting educational program hosted by world-renowned author and Fellowship founder Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein about the Jewish roots of Christianity. Each 30-minute video helps Christians grow in their faith as they leam and strengthens Jewish-Christian relations by teaching Christians about Jewish history, traditions and culture.
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The Threat to Israel’s People

Sadly, the threat to Israel is now as great as at any time in her history. It is critical that Israel remains a strong, supported, and safe homeland for her people, who have already suffered so much.
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Multiply Your Blessings by Becoming a Friend of The Fellowship

Friends of The Fellowship are a special group of donors who pledge to make a gift each month to help impoverished Jews around the world. This steady stream of love and support on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people allows The Fellowship to make bold plans and budget our resources so each gift can make the greatest impact.
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