Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

Rabbi’s Weekly Commentary

The Indomitable Spirit of Israel

The Second Lebanon War displayed Israelis’ helpfulness, courage, and calm, as well as the compassion of Israel’s friends around the world…”

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Daily Devotional

Hebrew Word of the Day

Guardians of Israel

A Mother Wants a Better Life for Her Children

Elderly Holocaust Survivor Faces Hunger in Israel

Teresa lived in the Warsaw Ghetto for years and witnessed her mother and father die. She miraculously survived the Holocaust, but now lives alone in hunger and poverty in Israel… Read More…

Isaiah 58

Family Prays for End to Their Health Challenges

Family Prays for End to Their Health Challenges

Paulina’s family has experienced one health crisis after another. They hope that soon their family will recover, but until then they wonder how they will pay for all of their medical expenses and basic necessities… Read More…

On Wings of Eagles

Praying to Return Home to Israel

Praying to Return Home to Israel

Levgeni and Iryna want to give their 2-year-old daughter a safe and peaceful life, which is impossible in war-torn Ukraine…Read More…

Have You Seen Us On TV

Thousands in Need of Your Care and Compassion

Men, women, families, and elderly Holocaust survivors are facing struggles that are leaving them with little hope for the future. With your blessed gift, we can be a beacon of light in their life. Play Now…


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Holy Land Moments

Holy Land Moments

Holy Land Moments is an educational resource from The Fellowship that features daily podcasts and devotionals, a Hebrew Word of the Day and more to further expand your knowledge on the Jewish faith.
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Yael's Corner

Yael's Corner

Recipe: Healthy Gummy Bears!

“These natural, homemade gummy bears were so delicious…my kids gobbled them up, with no idea that they were healthy…”

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