Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

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Whoever Is Kind to the Poor

Many social workers have a long list of needs they are unable to meet either due to limited social services funding or government red tape

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Daily Devotional

Hebrew Word of the Day

Guardians of Israel

Praying for Food and Warmth

Praying for Food and Warmth

The family can barely afford to feed Vladim, let alone heat their home in the winter… Read More

Isaiah 58

Home Alone and  Fending for Herself

Spending Passover on the Edge of Starvation

While Vlasta struggles to keep her children safe amid war and chaos, she also struggles daily with poverty. Their home has no running water – she must go out in the freezing cold to pump water for drinking, washing, and laundry… Read More

On Wings of Eagles

No Time to Wait

Seeking a Place of Safety

“We left everything behind, including our home itself. What could we do? We had to run. We have no pension or money to buy medicine or food…”Read More

Have You Seen Us On TV

Their Time is Running Out

Their Time Is Running Out

Holocaust survivors are spending the last of their days living in horrible conditions, fighting for survival. Your lifesaving blessings will let them know they are not alone.…Watch Now

Let’s Make…

Pomegranate and Honey Glazed Chicken!

Pomegranate and Honey Glazed Chicken!

Though pomegranates have become popular of late for their healthy antioxidants, Jewish cooks have been using them for years…View Recipe


Prayer Team

Prayer Team

Raise a chorus of prayer to God for the care and support of Israel's people… JOIN NOW

Yael's Corner

Yael's Corner

Watch: A Drive to the Holy City

Come with me on a drive into the Holy city of Jerusalem!

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