Helping Jews Immigrate to Israel

Fulfilling Prophecy to Gather Jewish Exiles

Jews living in persecution and poverty are awaiting their chance to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) On Wings of Eagles. They come from all over the world—Russia, Ukraine, Europe, the Middle East and many other places—to escape anti-Semitism and extreme poverty, and to realize the dream of living in their biblical homeland. When they arrive in Israel, On Wings of Eagles provides them with klitah (resettlement) assistance to help them become full, productive citizens.

On Wings of Eagles funds programs that provide these desperate people with:

  • Freedom Flights, helping needy Jews make their aliyah (immigrate to Israel) and rescuing them from rising anti-Semitism and poverty
  • Resettlement Aid, provides klitah (resettlement) aid for Jews who have arrived in Israel On Wings of Eagles, including food, clothing, housing, medical assistance, job training and placement, plus Hebrew language instruction

With your sacrificial gift to The Fellowship’s On Wings of Eagles ministry, you can help fulfill Biblical prophecy that Jewish exiles will be gathered home “from the four quarters of earth” (Isaiah 11:12).

Helping Jews Immigrate to Israel