Lifesaving Help for Needy Jews

A Lifesaving Hand to Needy Jews in the Former Soviet Union

In the former Soviet Union, our Isaiah 58 outreach supports elderly Jews and orphaned and abandoned children by funding a network of soup kitchens, children's support programs, in-home food and medical services, and much more. As social service agencies in this part of the world continue to experience a shortfall in funds - and as reports of anti-Semitic incidents and violence continue to rise this assistance is more important than ever.

Isaiah 58 funds programs that provide these desperate people with:

  • Soup kitchens, meals on wheels, and food boxes
  • Medical care including prescriptions, medical supplies, and basic medical care and assistance
  • Winter care including warm clothing, footwear and blankets, and heating and cooking fuel
  • Home care as well as companionship for elderly shut-ins through in-home care and visits
  • Support for children, through camps, education, and vocational training for abandoned Jewish children

Through this lifesaving work, our Isaiah 58 partners are truly fulfilling the biblical mandate "to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter — when you see the naked, to clothe him…" (Isaiah 58:7). Please join us today in this ministry of compassion through a gift to Isaiah 58.

Lifesaving Help for Needy Jews