Warming Yuri’s Heart and Home

Now in his sixties, Yuri seems both older and younger. Mentally disabled since birth, Yuri seems like a young child when he speaks. But when he walks, it’s with the body of a weak, elderly man, as he also faces many physical challenges.

Neglected and lonely, Yuri is one of the forgotten. A child of God who has no one to keep him company, except for his cat. A child of God who has no one to care for him or love him, except for Fellowship friends like you.

A stroke and a broken hip severely hampered Yuri’s mobility. And then, unsteady because of both, he fell and broke his arm… twice. Now he has difficulty doing even the simplest of tasks.

Yuri’s one-room apartment in the former Soviet Union is just as broken as his body. The few pieces of furniture are falling apart. The bathroom and kitchen are rusted and dismal, exposed pipes leaking everywhere. Much of the year, cockroaches creep across the dirty floor. And in the frigid winter, Yuri cannot afford warming his one-room world.

The one joy that comes to Yuri’s world is when he hears the knock on his door that means his Fellowship homecare worker has arrived. This is his one lifeline, delivering food, warmth, and care — thanks to the Fellowship friends who want this precious child of God to know he is loved.

This winter, your love will warm the heart and save the life of an impoverished Jewish person like Yuri.

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