Journey Through The Scriptures


Lesson 7: Life Lessons from Solomon

(Scripture to Read: Ecclesiastes 1:1–2:26)

There is no question that King Solomon left the world one of the greatest legacies of wisdom ever recorded. He is credited with writing much of the book of Proverbs, and is widely recognized as the Qoheleth, or “teacher,” who wrote Ecclesiastes. Some Jewish sources even list Qoheleth as Solomon’s third name, along with Jedidiah.

The wisdom of Ecclesiastes may seem a bit heavy at times, but the truth of Solomon’s wisdom as contained in these pages comes down to one point: all of our efforts to achieve happiness or ultimate fulfillment are futile without reference to God.

Solomon’s advice and warning rings true as this “son of David, king in Jerusalem” (1:1) was uniquely qualified to claim that although he possessed everything, he found it to be of little value apart from the Lord. Solomon described a life without regard for God as chasing after the wind. He also gave us a key principle of life in 2:2426 when he stated that all enjoyment and fulfillment in life is a gift from God that we cannot attain apart from His blessing. We would do well to heed Solomon’s wise counsel—priceless lessons from the heart of the wisest and wealthiest person who ever lived.

Study Questions

  1. The Bible does not tell us how much of Israel’s downward path Solomon lived to see. What does the book of Ecclesiastes indicate about his later years?
  2. Why would such a wealthy king dismiss all of his riches as “meaningless”?
  3. Why is trying to pursue happiness apart from God like “chasing after the wind”?
  4. Is Solomon telling us to give up on life because nothing really matters?

Something to Think About

At one time or another, all of us have experienced the frustration of pursuing something we believe we want, but which is not in harmony with God’s purpose for us. The simple enjoyment of life and of God’s provision is a valuable lesson from the heart and mind of Solomon, who learned these things in the crucible of life’s trials.