Journey Through The Scriptures


Lesson 6: Samuel’s Final Message

(Scripture to Read: Samuel 12:1 – 25)

Samuel knew that the speech recorded in chapter 12 was his last opportunity to address the people of Israel as their spiritual leader. And ever faithful to his calling, Samuel had some harsh, but necessary, words of rebuke and admonition for the nation.

The people had sinned in asking for a king because it meant that they had ceased to rely on the Lord as their true King and Deliverer. The people’s rash request would have long-term consequences, as Samuel had warned them earlier.

Samuel recounted events from the past in which Israel had failed to listen to God’s appointed leaders and suffered for it. He declared that God would remove His hand from the people if they turned back to idolatry, or if their king was evil.

But the great prophet also reminded Israel that God had not rejected His people. The best thing the nation could do at this point was to stay faithful to God and refuse to worship idols.

Samuel also left the people with the comforting promise of his own prayers for them, and his help as they sought to follow God.

Study Questions

  1. Samuel began his address by affirming his integrity as Israel’s judge. Why did Samuel feel the need to remind the people of his honest service?
  2. What facts did Samuel’s brief recounting of Israel’s history demonstrate?
  3. Why did Samuel call for thunder and rain?
  4. How does remembering God’s past blessings help us to be faithful to Him today?

Something to Think About

We must be honest and admit that it is difficult to trust God at times. Humans feel the need for earthly power and presence, but in seeking these things we may leave God out of the picture. Samuel’s message is a needed reminder that ultimate authority rests in God’s hands.