Journey Through The Scriptures


Lesson 5: Saul Is Confirmed as King

(Scripture to Read: Samuel 11:1 – 15)

Although Samuel had anointed Saul the Benjamite as king of Israel, apparently there were still some Israelites who were uneasy with this choice and questioned Saul’s fitness to rule.

The battle against the Ammonites served to put these issues to rest, as God gave Saul a great victory over a cruel invader who wanted to humiliate Israel. It is possible that Saul’s ancestors may have come from Jabesh Gilead, which would have given him even more incentive to rescue the town.

The Israelites were so overjoyed at Saul’s victory that his supporters wanted to round up their fellow Israelites who had opposed him and put them to death. But Saul showed great restraint and humility in silencing this foolish idea that would have marred a great day in Israel. Realizing that this was the time to confirm Saul’s leadership in the eyes of all Israel, Samuel led the people in a great celebration that reaffirmed Saul’s kingship. The people of Israel now knew that Samuel’s choice of a king was also the man God had chosen.

Study Questions

  1. Why do you think the people of Gibeah wept when they heard that the Ammonites had besieged Jabesh Gilead?
  2. Why was Saul so angry over the statement of the Ammonite leader?
  3. Why would Saul’s supporters want to kill those who had opposed him?
  4. Why did Samuel need to reaffirm Saul as king?

Something to Think About

Many times we also need reaffirming from God – and we do not have to win a battle to see evidence of His hand in our lives. If God has made His blessing known to you in a problem or other circumstance, thank Him for this testimony of His presence with you.