Journey Through The Scriptures

Psalms of Wisdom and Instruction

Lesson 3: Trust in the Lord

(Scripture to Read: Psalm 37:1–40)

Psalm 37 is a wonderful example of why we are using the word “instruction” to describe this month’s study. If there is any place in life where we need divine help to understand the nature of our world, and having help to maintain the right perspective, it is in the matter of good versus evil. There are powerful and even exhilarating verses here that call us to remain faithful to God no matter what evil people may do. But we must admit that we are often puzzled by the seeming triumph of evil people—and the writers of Scripture often asked God, “Why do the wicked seem to prosper in their plots?”

Although we may not find all of the answers we seek, the answer given in Psalm 37 is the one that ultimately must suffice for us. David described the blessing of the person who chooses to remain trustful and still before God, even when pursuing wrong seems to pay better dividends. But this is not so, because the triumph of evil is short-lived. Wicked people and their plans will quickly pass away, while those who trust God will stand. So the writer’s conclusion is a solid one. The wisest thing we can do is take refuge in God and wait for His deliverance.

Study Questions

  1. What key words in verses 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 offer us a tremendous "formula" for a life free of excessive worry, fear, and fretting?
  2. Why do you think God would allow evil people to have a measure of power and success?
  3. What is the difference between stumbling and falling in terms of our relationship to God?
  4. Verses 32-34 remind us the conflict between good and evil is not over. How does the promise of these verses encourage us inThe Fellowship as we stand with Israel and the Jewish people?
  5. What does it mean for the Lord to be the "salvation" and the "stronghold" of His people?

Something to Think About

Being human, it is very easy for us to become unsettled by the injustices we see around us, particularly those that impact us directly. It is true that we are always to seek justice wherever injustice prevails, but Psalm 37 calls us to lay aside any personal desire for revenge against others. We can live in confident faith even in an unjust world because our hope is in God.