Journey Through The Scriptures

Psalms of Wisdom and Instruction

Lesson 2: The Law of the Lord

(Scripture to Read: Psalm 19:1–14)

Psalm 19 is another passage of Scripture that is filled with wisdom. These verses also instruct the reader how to respond properly to God as both the Creator and the Lawgiver. Verses 16 extol the grandeur of God for the way He stretched out the heavens as the Creator of all that is seen. The universe is majestic, but it reveals an even more majestic God. The dominant feature in the visible universe is the sun, which was worshiped by many nations around ancient Israel. But here we learn the true God has set the sun in its place and is its Master.

Contemplating the revelation of God in nature led David to meditate on God’s revelation in the Law, or Torah. David spared no imagery to describe Torah as the life, light, wisdom, joy, and true riches of the person who obeys and delights in it. The Law of God is far more valuable than gold, the most precious commodity in David’s time. But the psalmist was not content to speak of the Law’s perfections. He also realized such a glorious revelation requires the proper response on his part – a cleansed heart that issues words and thoughts that are pleasing to the Lord.

Study Questions

  1. This psalm speaks of the heavens as having a voice. What message does creation proclaim to us?
  2. In what ways is the Law of God perfect, as David described it in verse 7?
  3. What are some of the ways the Law of God can be said to be lifesaving and life-sustaining?
  4. Why was David so concerned about the condition of his heart in relation to God's Law? (Hint: read Psalm 24:3-4.)

Something to Think About

Seeing the glory and grandeur of God each day in His creation can be a wonderful reminder and impetus for us to learn and follow His Word. Once we truly understand it is God’s Law that gives us life, finding time for worship and contemplation of Him will be a delight and not a chore.