Journey Through The Scriptures

Psalms of Praise and Worship

Lesson 2: The Lord Is Our Fortress

(Scripture to Read: Psalm 18:1–50)

This psalm is one of the most magnificent psalms of all. It is a song of praise to God for His protection and deliverance of the warrior-king, David, from all of his enemies. The psalmist tells us that trusting in God is better than having a rock or a high fortress for protection (“fortress” in verse 2 is the same basic Hebrew word used for the Jewish fortress of Masada near the Dead Sea). Also note Psalm 18 is almost identical to 2 Samuel 22 which was David’s original song of praise to God for deliverance from his enemies.

One could spend hours studying and contemplating all of the metaphors for God and His activities in these verses. David likened God’s intervention to rescue him to great upheavals in the earth and atmosphere. God’s power is awe-inspiring to behold – and because He is also the righteous God, His actions are always just. Throughout the psalm, David spoke of his strength in the Lord, not boastfully, but to tell what God had accomplished for and through him.

Study Questions

  1. Read verses 1-3 and write down words that speak of God's protection for His people.
  2. Why was God pleased to rescue David from his life-threatening circumstances? (Hint: read verses 20–24.)
  3. What do you think the writer wants us to learn from verses 25-27?
  4. Because God's way is perfect (v. 30), He could make the psalmist's way perfect (v. 32). How can this thought comfort us today?
  5. David attributed all of his strength and everything he had accomplished to the Lord. What lesson can we learn from his example?

Something to Think About

In light of our human weakness and God’s divine power, humility is very appropriate for us! Rather than gloating in our victories to make ourselves feel good or important, let us take a cue from the writer of Psalm 18 and offer God the thanksgiving He is due.