Journey Through The Scriptures

Psalms of Comfort and Hope

Lesson 4: Who Is There to Fear?

(Scripture to Read: Psalm 27)

There is good reason why Psalm 27 has been a favorite among people of faith for generations. The opening and closing verses beautifully express the comfort and hope that are the focus of our study this month.

But we must also notice that there is a change of mood in the intervening verses, as David’s thoughts travel the full circle of human emotion. The psalmist moves from assurance to anxiety as he asks God not to reject or forsake him. The change in mood could have come because the writer began to reflect on the numerous enemies around him.

We know that for many years, David’s kingship was marked by war and other threats to his throne, even from his own family as his son Absalom rebelled against him.

But his anxious moments did not deter David from seeking solace in God’s house, the tabernacle where His presence dwelled, and before God’s face, another way of describing the intimate communion of prayer. David asked for God’s deliverance and guidance in a very honest admission of his need for the Lord.

Study Questions

  1. Why did David state his desire to be in God’s house “all the days” (v. 4) of his life?
  2. We have noted the range of David’s emotions in these verses. What does this reveal about human nature and the way we often react to circumstances?
  3. How would seeking and following God’s “way” (v. 11) assure David of deliverance from the enemies that were trying to trip him and bring him down? (Hint: read 1 Samuel 15:22.)
  4. What does verse 14 mean when it says, “Wait for the LORD”?

Something to Think About

We would do well to imitate David’s example as shown to us in Psalm 27. He exhibited complete and unswerving trust in God, and also freely admitted his continuing need for the presence of God—a balanced way of living we need to practice each day.