Journey Through The Scriptures

Psalms of Comfort and Hope

Lesson 3: Confidence in the Lord

(Scripture to Read: Psalm 20)

This psalm may well be the record of a special service held in the sanctuary in Jerusalem on the eve of a battle. As Israel’s leader, David was at the head of the nation’s armies.

The voices praying for the king’s success and safety in verses 15 were those of the people, gathered as the congregation of Israel to pray for victory and God’s blessing. The focus of their hope and confidence is clearly in God alone – a confidence the king also expressed powerfully (vv. 6-8).

The congregation’s prayer was probably recited in unison. Every phrase reflects strong confidence and hope in God and His ability to protect His anointed king.

David also knew that victory in battle came through trust in the Lord, not through the “machinery” of armies. Thus, neither he nor his people would fight a battle without coming before God’s throne. Interestingly, verse 9 was the inspiration for the opening line of Great Britain’s national anthem, “God Save Our Gracious Queen!”

Study Questions

  1. How could the assembly of Israel be so confident of God’s protection and help?
  2. According to verse 5 of this psalm, who should get the praise when we achieve a victory in our lives?
  3. David said his enemies were relying on their military strength. Why is it important for God’s people not to trust in human resources and earthly forces?
  4. Twice David mentioned the “name” of God and the importance of trusting in that name (vv. 1, 7). What is the significance of God’s name in terms of our trust in Him?

Something to Think About

Chariots pulled by horses passed off the scene centuries ago. But just like those ancient foes of David and Israel, it is very natural and tempting for us to place our confidence and hope in the things we can see, feel, and measure. While we certainly need to trust and work with other people who care about us, let us be sure that our ultimate hope and expectation are in God.