Journey Through The Scriptures

Places in the Heart

Lesson 7: Sacrifice of Isaac - Mount Moriah, Part 2

(Scripture to Read: Genesis 22:12–19)

A later name for Mount Moriah was the Temple Mount, a term that is still used today to designate this sacred site in Jerusalem where Abraham offered Isaac, and where the First and Second Temples stood. As Abraham prepared to kill his son Isaac in sacrifice to the Lord, an angel called to him, and Abraham was shown a substitute sacrifice.

After he had offered the ram to the Lord, Abraham was promised once more that his descendants would be numerous. They would also inhabit the cities of their enemies one day, and prosper. All of this was given to Abraham for his faithfulness and obedience, even in the most trying of all situations. Abraham withheld nothing from the Lord – not even his son who was the fulfillment of God's promise after twenty-five years of waiting.

It is easy to see why Mount Moriah is considered sacred. Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews will not step on the site of the Temple until it is cleansed by offering the proper sacrifices in the Third Temple that many believe Messiah will build at His coming.

Study Questions

  1. God promised Abraham, "Through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed" (v. 18). Why did God repeat this portion of His original promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:3?
  2. Do you believe you will be rewarded spiritually if you demonstrate trust in and obedience to God, as Abraham did?
  3. What do you think Abraham must have told his servants and his family about his incredible experience on Mount Moriah?
  4. If God asked Abraham not to withhold even his beloved son Isaac, what do you think God wants from us today?

Something to Think About

Abraham was told that his descendants would outnumber even the stars in the sky. Perhaps the Lord has a blessing that is equally amazing waiting for you if you too are faithful in the little things of life, as well as in the big things. God is always faithful to reward genuine trust in Him, no matter how small or large.