Journey Through The Scriptures

The Prophecy of Micah

Lesson 7: Israel’s Reply and Blessing

(Scripture to Read: Micah 7:1–20)

The final chapter of Micah provides Israel’s reply to the second indictment of God against His people. The sins of Judah would eventuate in the Babylonian captivity as surely as the sins of Israel brought on the Assyrian captivity. God’s second charge restated some of the earlier shortcomings of which the people were guilty—including dishonesty on the part of Judah’s officials and such widespread treachery that family members could not even trust each other. But in contrast to the nation at large, Micah expressed his complete confidence in the Lord (vv. 7–10). And because God is merciful and faithful, Micah reminded his hearers that God’s people would rise again even after falling.

This thought leads to the last section of Micah’s prophecy in verses 11–20, the third prediction of the entire nation of Israel’s restoration. These words of encouragement and ultimate hope for Israel form a fitting conclusion to the book of Micah, for God’s final act on behalf of His people will be to remove their previous transgressions from His sight and forgive them completely. God’s mercy and compassion, and His faithfulness to His covenant promises to Abraham, are the foundation of Israel’s hope for the future. God never forgets His promises, and He will always be the hope and salvation of His people.

Study Questions

  1. Why was Micah in misery (v. 1)?
  2. What was so upsetting about the condition of Judah in relation to the important qualities of trust and fidelity?
  3. How would verses 15–17 be of particular comfort to Israel?
  4. How could Micah be completely assured that God would remember and act on the ancient promises He had made to Abraham?

Something to Think About

We too can rejoice and give thanks today for a merciful and compassionate God who does not stay angry with us, but delights to show us mercy and remove our transgressions from us when we come to Him with contrite and repentant hearts.