Journey Through The Scriptures

The Prophecy of Micah

Lesson 4: The Last Days

(Scripture to Read: Micah 4:1–13)

God has never left His people without hope—a fact that is abundantly testified to in the fourth and fifth chapters of Micah. The phrase “in the last days” signaled a change in the prophet’s message. This cycle of disobedience and judgment followed by blessing can be seen three distinct times in the book of Micah: in 2:12–13 where a promise of restoration follows denunciation; 4:1–5:15 which follows the judgment of chapter 3; and 7:11–20 which follows another message of judgment. The promises of Micah 4 are especially glorious as they include the very famous assurance that warfare as a part of human existence will finally cease. This can only be realized in the reign of Messiah.

The reason the nations will finally be at peace is even more important than the fact itself. It is because the law of God will be so firmly established in Israel, with Jerusalem as the center, that the nations will look to Jerusalem to be taught the ways of Israel’s God. Messiah will be the chief administrator of this blessing as Israel becomes the location even for settling international disputes. This chapter ends with an equally amazing prophecy, which portrays Israel as so completely restored that the nation’s domain will rival that of “the former dominion” (v. 8), a reference to the glory days of David and Solomon. Micah also prophesied the period of suffering and exile that would precede Israel’s messianic glory, a reminder that there would be very hard times ahead before Israel’s regathering could be achieved.

Study Questions

  1. Why was the indifference of Israel's leaders toward justice such a devastating failure?
  2. What did Micah’s indictment that Israel’s leaders "hate good and love evil" reveal about their attitude toward God? (Hint: Read Proverbs 8:13)
  3. How would the unfaithful prophets and seers of Israel be disgraced (v. 7)?
  4. Why did Micah separate himself from the false prophets and teachers?

Something to Think About

We who pray every day for true peace in Jerusalem, in Israel, and in the world can take great comfort in the knowledge that, indeed, God will answer those prayers and bring about a day of unrivaled peace when Messiah rules from the holy city. In the meantime, let us continue to pray for “the peace of Jerusalem.”