Journey Through The Scriptures

Ladders, Miracles and Enemies

Lesson 7: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal on

(Scripture to Read: Mount Carmel 1 Kings 18:16–40)

As is evident in this study, it is difficult to write about places like Mount Carmel in northern Israel, west of Nazareth, without mentioning that large groups of friends from The Fellowship stand on this glorious spot and relive the prophet Elijah’s miraculous victory over the prophets of the false god Baal! This great contest restored the worship of the true God in Israel, which had been corrupted by Queen Jezebel’s dedication to idol worship.

The story began when Elijah challenged King Ahab of Israel to a contest on Mount Carmel, to prove who was the true God and deserving of the nation’s worship. Ahab accepted the challenge, perhaps seeing it as a way to rid himself of the prophet whom Ahab called the “troubler of Israel” (v. 17).

The frantic cries of Baal’s prophets were not only futile, but gave Elijah the opportunity to show their powerlessness by his taunts. Elijah had absolute confidence that God would answer his prayer with fire – and He did!

Study Questions

  1. Jezebel was "killing the prophets of the Lord" (v. 13). Why was she so vicious?
  2. Who was the real "troubler of Israel" (v. 18)?
  3. What was really at stake in the contest on Mount Carmel?
  4. Tell why you think Elijah had the prophets of Baal executed.

Something to Think About

The first Commandment God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai is, “I am the Lord your God… You shall have no other gods before me”(Exodus 20:2-3). This command is still valid for all of us today, whether we are Jews or Christians!