Journey Through The Scriptures

Isaiah III

Lesson 7: The Requirements for Blessing

(Scripture to Read: Isaiah 63:1–66:24)

The last chapters are worthy of this book from the pen of Israel’s greatest writing prophet. It is fitting these chapters should deal with those things required of God’s people in anticipation of the blessings to come. The picture of the Lord riding in judgment again affirms that Messiah’s coming to fully restore Israel involves judgment on the nation’s enemies—who were also the enemies of God. Instead of judgment, Israel enters into prayer and confession, and a plea for the Lord to come and show Himself strong for His people.

In many ways, God’s response to the prayer of His people forms a summary of the message of Isaiah. God said that although He had constantly held out His love to Israel, they had rejected Him and made judgment necessary. But even in that judgment, a faithful remnant of Israel would be preserved and live to experience God’s glorious restoration of the nation. Appropriately, Isaiah’s prophecy ends with the mention of the “new heavens and the new earth” that God will make—a promise of future blessing and delight that all of His people in every age hold dear.

Study Questions

  1. How did the remembrance of Israel’s deliverance under Moses (63:11–14) serve to encourage Israel in the time spoken of by Isaiah?
  2. What imagery did the prophet use (Isaiah 64:8) to describe God’s relationship to His people?
  3. Why would the words of Isaiah 65:17 be especially comforting to the Israelites?
  4. What do you see as an overarching lesson we can take away from our study of Isaiah?

Something to Think About

This lesson is also a fitting reminder to us that there are always requirements God makes of us if we would enjoy the smile of His favor. A few extra moments’ reflection on this important principle are in order for us as we contemplate what God would require of us.