Journey Through The Scriptures

Isaiah II

Lesson 7: Israel’s Glorious Restoration

(Scripture to Read: Isaiah 42:1–44:28)

The prophet Isaiah’s message of comfort and tenderness to Israel continues in these chapters. Jewish commentators are divided on whether “my servant” (42:1) refers to Israel herself, to the Messiah, or even to Isaiah. But the exalted language of the servant’s ministry of justice and restoration seems most fitting for Messiah, whose appearance will bring Israel’s glorious restoration. Clearly, what God is announcing here through the prophet is something new, which produces a “new song” of praise from His people. One of these things is that God will no longer tolerate Israel’s suffering (42:14).

Isaiah 43:1–7 is a thrilling picture of the work that God is doing even today calling the Jews home to Israel from the lands of their exile. I have quoted these verses in Fellowship publications from time to time because I truly believe we are instruments in God’s hands to help ingather His ancient people through our On Wings of Eagles ministry! The blessings promised for Israel in chapters 43–44 are wonderful to contemplate—including the blessing that was still future in Isaiah’s day, the release of Israel from captivity in Babylon (44:24–28).

Study Questions

  1. How is the “tenderness” toward Israel referred to in Isaiah 40:2 illustrated in the servant’s ministry (42:23)?
  2. Why did God tell Israel to “forget the former things,” including even His deliverance of Israel from Egypt in the Exodus (43:16–18)?
  3. Why are the people of Israel told not to be afraid (44:2)?
  4. Why was Cyrus of Persia, a pagan king, called God’s “shepherd” (44:28)?

Something to Think About

Please allow me speak on behalf of the leaders and the people of Israel in expressing the deepest gratitude to you and other members of The Fellowship for your compassionate and prophetic service to the descendants of Abraham, which is a profound blessing (Genesis 12:3)!