Journey Through The Scriptures

The Life of Isaac

Lesson 2: A Bride for Isaac, Part 2

(Scripture to Read: Genesis 24:34–67)

Abraham’s faithful servant was Eliezer (Genesis 15:2), who had charge over his master’s household. Eliezer had no doubt proved himself worthy of Abraham’s trust on many occasions, which is why the patriarch entrusted his chief servant with the all-important task of finding a bride for Isaac from among their own family.

This was critical because Isaac was Abraham’s promised son through whom his descendants (who would possess the land of Israel) would come. Thus Isaac could not marry a woman from the pagan tribes that surrounded them in Canaan. When Eliezer met Rebekah, he performed the necessary rituals and courtesies to ask for her hand on behalf of Isaac, including the payment of a dowry. As a woman of faith herself, Rebekah also saw God’s hand at work and agreed to marry Isaac.

Study Questions

  1. Eliezer traveled over 500 miles to reach Rebekah’s house. How does this help explain his fear that a potential wife for Isaac might be reluctant to return with him to Canaan?
  2. Why do you think Rebekah’s family asked her to stay for 10 days before leaving, and why did Eliezer insist that they leave immediately?
  3. The blessing that Rebekah’s family gave her (v. 60) recalls two earlier blessings in Genesis 17:16 and 22:17. Record some of the similarities you see.
  4. Isaac was praying (meditating, v. 63) when he first met Rebekah. How does this detail add to the sense that his marriage to Rebekah was blessed by God?

Something to Think About

Today, we are eyewitnesses to the ongoing fulfillment of God’s prophetic promise to bless Abraham and give his descendants the Promised Land! Please pray for the people and the land of Israel today.

Rebekah put God’s will and plan ahead of her natural desire to stay with her family, and their desire to have her with them. How are you willing to respond to what may seem like a hard choice if that’s what God asks you to do?