Journey Through The Scriptures

The Life of Esther

Lesson 3: Esther Prepares to Expose Haman

(Scripture to Read: Esther 4:1–5:14)

The publication of Haman’s edict to kill all the Jews in Persia caused great anguish and mourning among the exiles from Israel. Mordecai mourned publicly by wearing sackcloth and crying in public. Esther seemed to be unaware of the edict when her servants told her something was terribly wrong with Mordecai. She sent one of her attendants to Mordecai, who sent back a copy of the order with a plea for Esther to go to the king on behalf of her people.

But Esther was reluctant to do that, since entering the king’s presence without being called for could mean death. But Mordecai responded with the famous question, "Who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" (4:14). Esther approached the king, was received with favor, and began laying a plan to expose Haman’s murderous plot.

Study Questions

  1. Mordecai reminded Esther that even she would not escape death if Haman’s plot was carried out. How did Mordecai know this? (Hint: read Esther 3:13.)
  2. Why did Esther ask Mordecai and the Jews in Susa to fast for three days before she went in to see the king?
  3. What offer did King Ahasuerus make to Esther that let her know he was willing to grant any request she wanted to make?
  4. For whatever reason, Esther decided not to expose Haman on the first day of her banquet. Explain how Haman’s stature in the king’s eyes might have caused her to delay.
  5. Haman soothed his rage against Mordecai by bragging about his greatness to his friends. How did Haman’s arrogance on this occasion contribute to his downfall?

Something to Think About

We continue to trace the unseen work of God in the events of Esther’s life and the Jews in Persia. His eye was on His people, and according to Psalm 121:4, the "Guardian of Israel" never sleeps.

This means that God is alert to your situation today. Ask Him to help you be sensitive to His leading in your life.