Journey Through The Scriptures

The Life of Abraham

Lesson 2: Abram and Lot

(Scripture to Read: Genesis 13:1—18)

Lot was the son of Abram’s youngest brother, Haran (Genesis 11:27). Lot’s father died in Ur before the family left for Canaan (11:28), so it was natural for Lot to go along with the family when they set out for the Promised Land. Apparently, Lot felt close to his uncle Abram, which would also be understandable given that Abram was the oldest son in his family. No doubt as the oldest son in his generation, Abram also felt responsible for Lot and his family.

But conflict between the herdsmen of Abram and Lot made them realize they needed to separate. Abram desired peace, so he graciously let Lot choose first although Abram was the elder and could easily have insisted on first choice. Lot picked the best land, as Abram no doubt knew he would, leaving Abram at a seeming disadvantage. But God had an important destiny in mind for Abram. (For further study, read about Abram’s rescue of Lot in Genesis 14.)

Study Questions

  1. How did his willingness to let Lot choose first demonstrate Abram’s faith in God’s promise?
  2. Lot “looked up” and saw what he wanted (v. 10), while Abram only looked up when God told him to (v. 14). What do these verses say about Abram’s character as opposed to Lot’s?
  3. Lot moved to the east, yet God told Abram to look in every direction at the land God would give him. Who truly owned the land that Lot thought he had chosen for himself?
  4. According to verse 15, for how long has God given the Promised Land to Israel, and what does that say about the enemies who are trying to drive Israel from their land today?
  5. What important act of worship did Abram perform in Genesis 13:18 after God restated His promise to this great patriarch?

Something to Think About

Lot’s choice of the best land without much regard for Abram’s well-being appears as greedy and self-serving. How can you honor God and help others in the choices you make this week?

Since God has given the Holy Land to Israel by an eternal covenant, this would be a good day to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem" (Psalm 122:6).