“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people.” Isaiah 40:1

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Providing practical solutions for suffering Israeli elderly and families. Caring and comforting Jewish elderly in the former Soviet Union. Rescuing and resettling Jews in Israel from lands of distress.

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In Loving Memory

Rabbi Eckstein's Legacy

Rabbi Eckstein's life was a testament to a simple fact: once someone has been touched by God, amazing things can happen.

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Continuing the Vision

Yael Eckstein's Holy Land Reflections

Finding the Forgotten
After the Holocaust, when Olga learned that her entire family had been wiped out, she decided to move back to the village where she was raised and to live the rest of her life in isolation...

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Providing Assistance and Love to the Elderly

Nina’s son, Yakov, cares for his mother, but he doesn’t speak Ukrainian, so he can only communicate with her through hand gestures.

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Yael with children

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Updates and inspiration from The Fellowship with news about Israel, Jewish culture, and our program success stories...

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