Our Work

Since our founding in 2003, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Canada has been advancing its mission of blessing Israel and the Jewish people around the world with humanitarian care and life-saving aid through our three biblical programs - Guardians of Israel, Isaiah 58 and On Wings of Eagles.

To date, our Canadian donors have provided more than $110M to help Israel and her people, and in recent years, more than $10M has been donated annually.

Last year, our generous Canadian partners helped over 33K people in need.

In 2019, together with our sister organization in the U.S., our global partners helped over 1.7 million people in need. That assistance — fighting poverty, providing compassionate care, and facilitating aliyah (immigration to Israel) — was given through The Fellowship’s hundreds of lifesaving projects in Israel and around the world.

Our Programs

Guardians of Israel

Easing the suffering of Israel’s most impoverished people, providing food, comfort, housing, medical care, clothing, and other essentials.

Isaiah 58

Giving food, medical care, companionship and other basic assistance to destitute Jews in the former Soviet Union, and providing for children who have no one to care for them.

On Wings of Eagles

Rescuing persecuted Jews from rising anti-Semitism and poverty, and helping them make their aliyah (immigration to Israel).

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