Thank you to all of our Christian and Jewish friends for being a steadfast supporter of The Fellowship’s aliyah (immigration) efforts to help bring Ethiopian Jews home to the Holy Land. I am so honoured to report that the remaining Ethiopian Jews – the lost tribe of Dan – have now reached their spiritual homeland because of you!

The cherished aliyah flight was the significant start of the Tribe of Dan’s journey – but more important is ensuring their wellbeing as they enter a new and very foreign society. We hope you will share on their spiritual journey of klitah (resettlement) as these Ethiopian Jews make their new home in the Holy Land.

Arriving On Wings of Eagles

The prophesied return of Jewish exiles to Israel includes the “lost tribe” of Dan, whose descendants live in Ethiopia. Today, The Fellowship is pleased to announce that our On Wings of Eagles program has rescued these needy Jews who longed to make their prophetic aliyah (immigration) to Israel. Ulegar is one Ethiopian Jew who has been airlifted to Israel via On Wings of Eagles. She is a widow whose husband died… Read More

Helping Jews Immigrate to Israel