Fulfilling Prophecy to Gather Jewish Exiles

On Wings of Eagles helps Jews make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) from the former Soviet Union, France, Russia, and other lands of distress, and helps them with their klitah (resettlement) needs once they arrive in the Holy Land

On Wings of Eagles funds programs that provide these desperate people with:

  • Freedom Flights, helping needy Jews make their aliyah and rescuing them from rising anti-Semitism and poverty
  • Resettlement Aid, provides klitah for Jews who have arrived in Israel, including food, clothing, housing, medical assistance, job training and placement, plus Hebrew language instruction

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We often get many questions about what happens to olim once they have come to Israel. Yael recently visited a new Israeli who emigrated a year ago. Natan tells his story, of why he came, and the support The Fellowship has given to him since arriving in Israel.

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