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Deliver a Much-Needed Passover Blessing


Our Annual Passover food box appeal has begun, and we urgently need your support. Your gifts will bring deep joy and hope into the lives of Jewish men, women and children who have suffered for so long. We need the help of every faithful friend like you to reach as many Jewish people as possible with basic necessities so that every person can celebrate this holy festival with joy and dignity, as God intends.

Dignity & Companionship

“Four walls is all I got.” That’s Esther, describing her life alone. Her days and nights are often joyless, spent in solitude cooking and knitting. But there is one thing Esther looks forward to, and that is the visits from her Fellowship volunteer. “For me it’s like Messiah every time,” she says. Alone, she feels scared and worried. But your support helps bring her companionship and the chance to make jokes, discuss politics, and share her stories. Esther is elderly, and her life has been hard. But she doesn’t ask for much. This year, she wants the food she needs to observe Passover in quiet dignity. She is hoping you will help.

Sacred Family Tradition

“Passover is a family holiday, and we want to celebrate.” That’s Yamit, reflecting on how Passover is a sacred connection for Jews to family, faith and history. Yamit and her husband Itzik are poor. They eat at soup kitchens and wear second-hand clothing. Most of the year, they don’t complain. “You explain to the kids that we don’t have enough and must go without,” she says. But this year, she is hoping for a Passover Food Box so she can share the sacred tradition with her three young children. “On the holiday, you don’t want to go without. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that people in Canada want to help us.”

Your Gift Will Feed Them

The weeks are passing quickly as Passover arrives. For children, the holiday period can be beautiful, magical and festive. But for families like the Romaniv’s, who are separated from their father while he tries to make extra money for the family, they can be a bleak reminder of what you don’t have. Foods like matzah, must be eaten during Passover, but can be a burden to tight wallets.

With all that remains to be done, we have just a short window of time to purchase and deliver Passover Food Boxes and other lifesaving necessities to tens of thousands of impoverished Jews across the former Soviet Union and in Israel. It takes just a little to make Passover joyous—your generous gift is greatly appreciated and will allow poor Jews to celebrate this holy occasion and have food for the days ahead. Join us today in providing Passover Food Boxes for struggling Jewish people who seek to celebrate God’s faithfulness to His ancient people.

Please send your gift, truly a message of care and love, to help Jews by supporting The Fellowship today. Thank you.

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Deliver a Much-Needed Passover Blessing