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You can give them hope and joy with a Passover blessing

Yael Eckstein at the Pesach (Passover) food distribution. Lod, Israel

It is not surprising that, as I write you today, the Jewish people still face poverty, hunger and anti-Semitism.

One example is the sheer number of elderly Holocaust survivors living in abject poverty. In Israel alone they are nearly 22% of the population of Israel.

And for suffering Jews in places like the former Soviet Union, the months ahead pose a potentially deadly threat of a different sort hunger and loneliness. So many Jews suffer in silence, cut off from the essentials of life that they need.

As Passover approaches, I am grieved as I think of so many widows, Holocaust survivors, children and families whose resources are strained, and who can’t provide even the basic needs. It is especially heartbreaking at Passover, when people cannot afford the Passover foods and other worship necessities to observe this special holiday with dignity. How their spirits grieve, to be unable to participate in this sacred observance.

That is why The Fellowship has made a special commitment this year to ensure as many poor and elderly Jews as possible can make a proper Passover celebration this year. To do that we are urgently preparing as many Passover Food Boxes as possible. We urgently need your help.

I am sending you this plea to ask for your faithful and compassionate support. If possible, please make a life-changing contribution before March 31st.

In this way, you and I can say that we did our best this Passover in rescuing “the poor who cried for help” (Job 29:12)

May God continue to richly bless you for your prayers and gifts to those who are in great need. May your own celebrations, at this holy time of year, be joyous indeed.

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You can give them hope and joy with a Passover blessing