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Now is the Time to Help!

Do you remember Rina? A few months ago, I introduced you to this dear elderly woman.

Rina’s days are long and quiet. All she has left of her family are yellowing photographs and distant memories. Her small apartment is barren and cold. Rina’s tiny pension is nowhere near enough to provide her with food, medicine, and heat.

I shudder when I think about what Rina’s life would be like without The Fellowship. What would she look forward to? Who would listen to her stories? How would she eat? Would she even be alive at all?

That’s why I’m so happy to share some amazing news with you. A wonderful member of our monthly giving family is helping provide our Rina with ongoing, faithful care month after month.

Because of the selfless generosity of this kind Christian, who gives a monthly gift, we can now bring Rina a box of food and other life-giving essentials every single month of the year. And this visit is not only meeting Rina’s physical needs. When we visit we always take time to sit with her, to hold her hand, and listen to the stories of her younger years.

But what is most important is that Rina now feels God’s love like never before.

But did you know that many elderly Jews like Rina are suffering alone in silence and darkness? We want to share God’s love with each one of them. We don’t want to leave a single one of them behind. And with the COVID-19 crisis there are so many more elderly who need your help!

As Passover approaches, I hope you will prayerfully examine your heart, and see if now is the time for you to help even more vulnerable Jews by joining our monthly giving family.

Your sacred gift will bless elderly Jews like Rina with a box of nutritious food every month, along with a hand to hold, a listening ear, and the comfort of knowing they are loved and valued. $25 helps one elderly person, $50 helps two, and $100 helps four! Will you commit to helping feed a needy Israeli or Jew?

This month is especially critical, as we rush to bring food and a holy embrace to as many Jewish people as possible in time for Passover.

Please join us in this sacred mission. We need 50 new Bible-believing friends like you to commit to a monthly gift, so we can reach all the widows and orphans crying out for our help this Passover.

Please don’t allow even one of God’s precious people to be forgotten.

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Now is the Time to Help!