Turning Despair Into Hope

Holocaust Survivors Need Your Help Now!

Sixty-four years ago, much of the world stood by as Jews fell victim to Nazi hatred. And today, tens of thousands who miraculously escaped death during the Holocaust live in poverty in Israel, unable to afford essentials such as food, medicine, and adequate shelter. We can't let them be forgotten again – The Fellowship's Guardians of Israel program helps ensure that elderly Holocaust survivors are supplied with life's necessities. Find out more

This Should Not Be

Imagine being trapped inside your home for over a year and a half - with no hope and no help. Read More.

We Must Never Forget the Elderly

Roza, an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor, lies in bed barely able to move. Yet her kind and gentle demeanor permeates the room. Roza, who can no longer care for herself, lives on a ground-floor apartment with her niece in a dilapidated building in a crime-filled neighbourhood in Israel. Read More.

Turning Despair into Hope