The 2012
Journey Home to Israel

2012 Tour FAQ's

What are the 2012 trip dates?
2012 Journey Home Tour to Israel

November 3 - 12, 2012
What is the price of the tour?
$3,579 USD per person based on double occupancy

All prices per person based on double occupancy.

Your prices are based on double occupancy, how much does it cost if I want to go by myself?
The add-on supplemental cost for single occupancy is $750 USD.
When is the $400 USD Registration Deposit Due?
$400 USD is due at the time of registration to reserve your place.

An additional $1,600 USD is due on July 26, 2012 to reserve your air reservation.

Final payment is due by September 4, 2012.

Can I go on the Journey Home Tour if I am physically challenged, use a walker or wheelchair?
It is not impossible to enjoy the Journey Home Tour if you are facing those physical challenges but it could be problematic in certain areas.

If you are in a wheelchair, it is your responsibility to bring a friend or family member with you on the tour to assist you as needed. IFCJ is not staffed to properly assist you with your needs.

Those who use a cane or walker and get around at a reasonable pace should be able to enjoy the tour.

IFCJ staff will inform you days ahead when we will be facing some difficult terrain such as when we go through the Old City of Jerusalem and are away from the bus for several hours.

Another difficult site to navigate is at Megiddo.
What does the tour price include?
The Journey Home to Israel Tours pricing includes round trip airfare from official gateway departure cities, hotels, breakfast and dinner daily at the hotels in Israel, all tips, transfers, ground transportation, buses, English speaking tour guides, entrance fees. When you travel with us, your only additional costs are lunches, snacks and souvenirs.
What places in Israel will the tour take us?
Plan to visit the following: Sea of Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes. Capernum, Golan Heights, Megiddo, Jordan Valley, Jerusalem, Mt. of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Garden Tomb, Yad Vashem (Holocaust Memorial), Masada and the Dead Sea. We will also have the opportunity to visit several of The Fellowship-sponsored projects
Can I arrange to fly from my home city to JFK, the gateway cities?
A gateway city is the location from which we depart the United States and fly to Tel Aviv. The gateway cities are JFK International Airport, New York, and Newark, NJ. You can arrange an air travel from your home airport to the gateway city by contacting Noseworthy Travel at 1-800-929-4684 Ext. 2 you will also be able to work with your travel agent or book on-line yourself, to arrange your add-on airfare to and from the gateway cities.
What hotels are we using during our stay?
Hotels for the 2012 trip are considered to be 4 and 5 star hotels. Hotels are in Tiberius and Jerusalem.

What kind of clothing do I need to pack?
You don't need to buy a new wardrobe for your trip. Clothes that you wear at home will be fine. Pack items which you find are comfortable; clothes which don't wrinkle and can be worn in layers; colors which allow you to mix and match; combinations which can go from a market place to a Cathedral without a qualm.

Europeans and Middle Easterners do not usually wear shorts except when playing sports or on the beach. Shorts are not allowed in many churches. Unless you plan to "hit the beach" or participate in sports, leave your shorts at home. In many churches, sleeveless outfits are not allowed. Be sure to carry a coat, shirt or large scarf with which to cover-up!

If I am hard of hearing how can I properly hear what the guide is saying?
Optional listening devices will be made available for a cost of $20 USD for the entire tour. Be advised that if you lose the device it will cost you more than $100 USD in penalties.
How often will Rabbi Eckstein be with the tour group?
Rabbi Eckstein is with the group more than expected. He joins the group for the lunch and boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, during the Sabbath dinner in Jerusalem, at the Farewell banquet, usually at Yad Vashem and at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. Rabbi Eckstein and/or his daughter Yael joins the group at times at various Fellowship projects visited by the group.
Don't Leave Home Without:
Adapter plugs
Travel alarm

Suggested Items to Pack:
1 warm cardigan sweater
1 sweater vest
Rain hat and/or small umbrella
Scarf and gloves
2 pair slacks
1 skirt (women)
1 sport coat (men)
1 pair jeans or casual pants
3 cotton shirts
1 rain coat/poncho
Swim suit
All purpose travel bag

Other Suggested Items:
Tissues (travel packets)
Towelettes (packets)
Powdered laundry soap
Extension cord
Plastic hangers and clothes pins
Emergency sewing kit
Safety pins
How will we be traveling from place to place throughout Israel?
We will be traveling throughout Israel by secure, air-conditioned, private motor coach with an English speaking guide.
Is my $400 USD deposit refundable?
$250 USD of your $400 USD registration fee is non-refundable plus any other airline or administrative penalties as listed below.

100% of Cancellation Fees are covered by the optional Travel Insurance Program provided premium has been paid and reason for cancellation is insurable.

Those who do not take insurance should be aware of the cancellation penalties: From day of registration to 105 days prior to departure, you will be charged a $90 USD non-refundable administrative fee. You will be charged any airline penalties. If your cancellation forces your roommate into a single room, you will be charged the single room supplement.

104 to 60 days prior to departure — $400.00 USD + Airline Penalties

59 to 45 days prior to departure — $600.00 USD + Airline Penalties

44 to 31 days prior to departure — 40% of total cost

30 to day of departure — 100% total cost

Cancellation request must be submitted in writing to NTS. On or after day of departure, there is no refund for any service not used.
How late can a new registration be accepted?
July 26, 2011 is the last day registration will be accepted.

Final payment is due September 4, 2012.
What is the cancellation procedure?
Cancellations must be in writing. Cancellation fees are detailed in FAQ 8 above.

Send cancellations to:

Noseworthy Travel Services
Fax: 863-647-4411
Mailing address: P.O. Box 6378
Lakeland, FL 33807-6378
Is there a refund if I visit friends for a couple of days?
No, there is no refund if you go "on your own" for a couple of days during the tour.
When is final payment due?
Final payment is due September 4, 2012. Payments for special programs, however, can be due earlier. (Refer to the Tour Conditions of your brochure.) Airline reservations must be finalized 45 days prior to departure. If your account is still showing a balance due, NO AIRLINE TICKETS will be written.
What airport will we be using in Israel?
Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport (airport code TLV) located in central Israel, a 20 minute drive east of Tel Aviv, and 35 minutes west of Jerusalem.
Do I need traveler's checks, or do I need to convert my U.S. dollars into shekels?
You can, but it's not absolutely necessary. ATM machines are very common in Israel most will accept your ATM card with the Maestro, Cirrus, NYCE logo, and will debit your account at the most favorable dollar to Shekel exchange rate. Many will also allow you to receive cash from your Master Card, Visa or American Express card. You can also exchange money or cash travelers' checks (for a small fee) at your hotel if you prefer. Credit cards are also widely accepted.
Can I use my frequent flyer mileage program?
Frequent Flyer Programs may not be applicable. You will have to check with the airline on the day of departure.
Do I need a visa or passport?
U.S. and Canadian citizens do not need a visa to visit Israel, but will need a valid passport, which they are required to bring with them on the trip. Our travel agent will also need a photocopy of your passport to register you for our tour. You must also provide all accompanying documentation including "green cards" if necessary. If you hold a foreign passport from another country, it is your responsibility to verify if a visa is required and to secure your visa prior to departure. Your passport must be valid until May 15, 2012 in order to be admitted to Israel.
Do I need vaccinations?
No vaccinations or shots are required for U.S. or Canadian visitors to Israel. (If prior to coming to Israel you've recently visited a country where cholera, typhoid or yellow fever is endemic, you will need a vaccination certificate.)
How do I call home?
It's easy: AT&T, MCI and Sprint all have toll-free access numbers in Israel. Ask your hotel operator how to dial directly from your room. From a public phone, check the instruction card then continue with 1 for the United States, the area code and phone number.
Can I use my cell phone?
We will provide you with cell phone rental information in your registration materials packet. If your U.S. cell-phone is a Tri-Band model, it will work in Israel, but the cost per minute may be quite high. Check with your provider for information on activation and rates.
What will the weather be like in Israel during our tour?
Israel enjoys long, warm, dry summers (April-October) and generally mild winters (November-March) with somewhat drier, cooler weather in hilly regions, such as Jerusalem and Safed. Rainfall is relatively heavy in the north and center of the country, with much less in the northern Negev and almost negligible amounts in the southern areas.

Regional conditions vary considerably, with humid summers and mild winters on the coast; dry summers and moderately cold winters in the hill regions; hot dry summers and pleasant winters in the Jordan Valley; and year-round semi-desert conditions in the Negev.

Weather extremes range from occasional winter snowfall in the mountain regions to periodic oppressively hot dry winds that send temperatures soaring, particularly in spring and autumn.
Do I need to worry about the water or fresh produce in Israel?
The water is safe to drink throughout Israel, and Israel's fresh fruits and vegetables are world-class. Bottled water is available everywhere too.
Is the electricity different in Israel than it is in the US?
Yes; Israel's voltage is 220 volts, like Europe. Most deluxe hotels provide hair dryers, and virtually all hotel rooms have 110/220 electric shaver sockets. Our electrical outlets usually conform to European adapters, but hotels and electrical stores can easily supply you with the right adapter if necessary. Your personal hair dryer or curling iron will most likely not operate properly without the proper adapter.
Do I need a Travel Protection Plan?
We highly recommend a comprehensive insurance program which would protect you in the following cases: trip cancellation, illness or death, medical expenses overseas, lost or damaged luggage, and economy airfare if it is necessary to fly home early due to personal illness or death of an immediate family member. Please be aware that all emergency medical and transportation costs must first be paid by the passenger. Trip insurance monies cannot be collected until a passenger returns to the U.S. and files a claim with the insurance company. Noseworthy Travel also strongly recommends the purchase of pre-travel insurance which covers most cancellation fees.
What happens if I become ill while traveling in Israel?
If you need immediate medical attention while abroad, contact the reception area of the hotel. A doctor or emergency services will be summoned for you. You will find that most doctors speak good English, although you may need to speak slowly and clearly. Your Noseworthy Travel Representative should also be notified. She or he will assist you in every way possible. You should remember, however, that expenses incurred (medical, transportation, phone, etc.) must be paid by you. If you find it necessary to leave the tour and return to the U.S., the supplemental airfare must also be paid by you.


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