Welcome to Limmud

The Hebrew word Limmud means “a study,” or “a teaching.” Together we’ll explore the significance of Jewish holidays and how they relate to the Christian Bible. We will also look deeper into concepts such as blessings, prophecy, and prayer, and find how they are rooted in the Jewish Bible (what Christians call the Old Testament).

Each study will provide thought-provoking questions to deepen your understanding of the topic, as well as practical ways to incorporate the teachings into your daily life.

It is our hope and prayer that through these studies you will gain a greater insight to the common ground that we share as Christians and Jews, and that you will grow deeper in your own faith and walk with God.

Abraham: Our Patriarch of Loving-kindness

Jerusalem: God's Holy City

This study looks at Jerusalem as the “eye of the universe” the place where all things began and where all things on earth will end. Jerusalem represents the golden age of the Jewish people, but its spiritual significance runs deep for Christians, as well as the place where Jesus taught and worshipped in the Temple, where he made his triumphal entry, and where he was crucified. This study takes a deeper look at Jerusalem’s biblical roots, as well as God’s plans for her future.

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The Exodus Story