Journey Through The Scriptures

The Life of Ruth

Lesson 4: Boaz Provides for and Protects Ruth

(Scripture to Read: Ruth 2:13–23)

Ruth must have been encouraged by Boaz’s kind greeting. But it did not make her forget that as far as the people around her were concerned, she was a foreigner who had no right to claim any favorable treatment. That was not a problem for Ruth, though, because Boaz was already treating her like a member of his family.

Boaz certainly knew that Naomi and Ruth were in poor financial condition. In the ancient world, being poor did not mean simply being unable to afford a few luxuries here and there, or a nicer house. Poverty often meant not having enough to eat on any given day. This is why Boaz made sure Ruth had enough to eat and plenty to take back to Naomi. When Naomi saw that Ruth returned with about a bushel of grain, enough for many days’ meals, she began to realize that their fortunes were going to change.

Study Questions

  1. How did Ruth’s response to Boaz (v. 13) indicate that she saw his kindness as an answer to his prayer for her blessing?
  2. How did Naomi’s reaction in 2:19-20 contrast to her attitude when she first returned from Moab to Bethlehem?
  3. Naomi knew Boaz to be one of her late husband’s close relatives. How did that fact raise Naomi’s hopes for herself and Ruth?
  4. The last verse of Ruth 2 adds another small element of drama to the story. What did the end of the harvest season mean for people who got their food by gleaning?

Something to Think About

Ruth was grateful for every kindness shown to her, no matter how small. Her "attitude of gratitude" is a great example for us to follow.

Naomi also recognized God’s goodness to her family and was quick to offer a prayer of blessing on the person who had given her and Ruth new hope. Is there someone you need to thank today?