Journey Through The Scriptures

Psalms of Praise and Worship

Lesson 6: God Rescues His People

(Scripture to Read: Psalm 107:1–43)

Psalm 107 is another passage of Scripture worthy of extended study and meditation. We see in it many of the themes of God’s power and deliverance for His people that have become familiar to us in this study. But this psalm explores the depths of God’s goodness in a unique way by portraying four distinct ways that God reaches down to rescue those who trust in Him. The opening verses are a call to praise, which is very characteristic of this type of psalm.

Then the writer draws on vivid images to describe Israel’s deliverance from trouble. God’s people were like wandering travelers guided safely to their destination, prisoners released from their chains, sick people nursed back to health, and sailors brought through a storm to the harbor. Each group was in desperate straits, but each experienced God’s rescue. Verses 33–43 bring this song to a fitting climax by declaring God is to be praised for His greatness.

Study Questions

  1. Verses 2-3 speak of God's work in gathering Israel back to her land from the corners of the earth. How does Israel's ingathering reflect the Lord's sovereign power?
  2. Travelers in the desert have at least two primary needs-food and water. How does God supply the needs of His people for life's daily necessities? (Hint: see verse 9.)
  3. Prisoners often feel a desperate need for freedom. Describe in your own words how God sets the prisoners free.
  4. According to verses 35-38, how did God prepare the land of Israel to be a fruitful home for the people of Israel?
  5. Why do we need to be "wise" by heeding the lessons that Psalm 107 teaches us?

Something to Think About

We who seek to follow God today must be as hungry and thirsty for His holy Word and His blessing as were the people described in Psalm 107. At times, we too may feel like weary travelers, prisoners in chains, the sick, or storm-tossed sailors. But God can reach down and bring us out of any circumstance if we will put our hope and trust in Him.

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