Journey Through The Scriptures

Psalms of Praise and Worship

Lesson 4: The Mighty God

(Scripture to Read: Psalm 76:1–12)

Our study of psalms that focus on worship and praise would not be complete without this psalm’s sobering reminder of God’s power and righteous judgment against His enemies.

In the biblical days, as is true today, Israel was surrounded by fierce foes bent on her destruction, and often had to battle for survival. The battle scene that evidently gave birth to this psalm leaves no question that it is God alone who rules the earth.

The psalmist affirmed that the renown and fear of God had, indeed, gone out to all the kings and armies of the earth. Psalm 76 speaks of the invincibility of God in battle and the futility of trying to stand against Him and His chosen land of Israel with mere human power.

The people of Israel could take great comfort in God as their Defender – and yet, they too must not treat Him lightly (v. 11). “Salem” (v. 2) is an ancient word for the city of Jerusalem, the dwelling place of God on earth.

Study Questions

  1. Why did God make Jerusalem His "dwelling place"?
  2. How does God's judgment against Israel's enemies demonstrate that He is majestic?
  3. Why is it important for us to fulfill the promises we make to God?

Something to Think About

Sometimes, those of us who follow God forget that He is our ultimate Defender. When we begin to think that we must win our own battles, we may forfeit the blessing of relying on the Lord to act on our behalf in His time. Rest in the Lord and let Him go ahead of you in your challenges.