Journey Through The Scriptures

Places in the Heart

Lesson 6: Sacrifice of Isaac - Mount Moriah, Part 1

(Scripture to Read: Genesis 22:1–11)

If no other city in the world is as revered as Jerusalem, then no location within the city is more revered than Mount Moriah. It is the ultimate example of a "place in the heart" for the Jewish people. This place, one of the highest points in Israel, is where Abraham was called to sacrifice his son Isaac in the greatest test of faith anyone was ever asked to take. Mount Moriah was also the site of the First and Second Temples, and many Jews as well as Christians believe that the Third Temple will be built there when Messiah comes.

Mount Moriah first became famous as the location of the akeda, or the binding of Isaac by Abraham for sacrifice in obedience to the Lord. Abraham was tested for his obedience to the Lord, and was found faithful. Abraham bound Isaac on an altar and prepared to kill his son because this was what God told him to do. Abraham was ready to draw the razor-sharp knife across his son's throat when God stopped him.

Study Questions

  1. Why was the akeda such an important event in the lives Abraham and Isaac?
  2. If God knew Abraham was going to obey Him, and that He was going to provide a sacrifice at the last minute, why do you think God allowed Abraham to go through everything up to that point?
  3. Some Bible teachers believe Isaac may have been a young man at this time, perhaps old enough to overpower Abraham. Why did Isaac submit to his own possible sacrifice?
  4. How is the faithfulness of God in this amazing story symbolic of His faithfulness to His people even today?

Something to Think About

If God was faithful to Abraham just when he needed it the most, don't you think He will be faithful to His people today? Remember to trust and follow the Lord, even when following Him does not seem to make sense from a human standpoint. Your test of faith may be difficult, but at the end of it you will find God waiting to deliver you!