Journey Through The Scriptures

Mountains and Waters of Israel

Lesson 5: Mount of Olives and Messiah's Coming

(Scripture to Read: Zechariah 14:1–21)

The Mount of Olives is a truly significant location in the Scriptures. This two-and-a-half mile stretch of land across the Kidron Valley from Jerusalem is not only important in Israel’s history, but according to the prophet it will be the place to which the Messiah comes to deliver Israel from her enemies and rule. Zechariah said the Mount of Olives will be split in two at that time and form a great valley, through which the people may flee their attackers. God will secure and protect Jerusalem, and the worship of the true God will be universal.

The Mount of Olives also figured prominently in the life and ministry of Jesus. He spent days praying on its hillside, and it was here that he was arrested. Today the Mount of Olives is a “must” stop for any visitor to Israel. It affords a spectacular view of the old city of Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea can be seen fifteen miles away. The tomb of David’s son Absalom is also visible in the valley below.

Study Questions

  1. Why would the Messiah split the Mount of Olives in two when He comes?
  2. According to verses 6-11, what are some of the blessings that will come when Messiah rules over the people of Israel and the whole earth?
  3. The prophet refers to all the nations observing the Feast of Tabernacles in the messianic age. Why is this feast appointed for the nations to observe in the coming age?
  4. There is one other reference to the Mount of Olives, found in 2 Samuel 15:30 where King David was going up the Mount of Olives, "weeping as he went." Read this chapter and identify the event that caused David and those with him such grief.

Something to Think About

God says He will split the kingdoms around the Mount of Olives and punish those that fought against Jerusalem and Israel. He also says He will surround and seal off Jerusalem and protect it. Many times this is what God is doing in our lives in a spiritual sense, but we do not always recognize it. He is sealing us off from our enemies and protecting us with His promise.