Journey Through The Scriptures

Ladders, Miracles and Enemies

Lesson 2: Miracle at the Red Sea

(Scripture to Read: Exodus 14:1–31)

Perhaps no single event in the history of Israel is more important than the exodus from Egypt. This was the birth of Israel as a nation. A godly leader named Moses wrestled with the idea of leading his people to freedom (Exodus 4:1-17), but finally realized this was God’s will and call on his life. With the promise of strength from the Lord, Moses returned to Egypt, inflicted the ten plagues on Pharaoh, and instituted the Passover (Exodus 12:1-36) before leading the Israelites to freedom from the bondage of slavery.

The people had not gone far, however, before they came to the formidable barrier of the Red Sea in the Sinai peninsula. They seemed to be trapped between the sea and Pharaoh’s army, but the Lord also used this crisis to demonstrate His power and might both to Israel and to Egypt. Moses stood at the edge of sea, raised his staff, and God parted the waters. In the most dramatic way possible, God showed that ordinary people who obey His commands are more powerful than the largest nation on earth. Moses was a powerful instrument in the hands of God, opening the sea and defeating a powerful monarch.

Study Questions

  1. According to Exodus 4, why was it so difficult for Moses to believe God wanted him to lead a large group of slaves in an exodus to freedom?
  2. Why did God deliberately lead the Israelites into their predicament at the Red Sea?
  3. The rabbis taught that the Red Sea did not part until the first Israelites stepped into the water. What does this teaching say about our need to exercise faith?
  4. If we have the same kind of faith that Moses had, do you believe we can accomplish things in our world similar to what Moses accomplished?

Something to Think About

If you struggle with what God has asked you to do, you are not alone at all. Moses questioned God, even got angry with God, and doubted himself at every turn. But he obeyed, which is the heart of true faith – perhaps not fully comprehending all that God wants to do with us, but obeying nonetheless. What is it that prevents you from exercising such faith?

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