Journey Through The Scriptures

Isaiah I

Lesson 7: Tribulation and Triumph

(Scripture to Read: Isaiah 24:125:12)

The sweeping nature of Isaiah’s prophecy is once again on display in these chapters. This is particularly evident in chapter 24, which speaks of an apocalyptic day in which God will judge universal evil and remove its power from the earth. The future nature of this prophecy is immediately clear from its devastating nature, a time when the curse (24:6) pronounced on the earth at the fall of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3) will finally be lifted. These chapters follow a familiar prophetic pattern of judgment followed by blessing once the cause of the judgment has been removed.

The blessing that follows the devastation of Isaiah 24 is clearly the blessed kingdom of Messiah. Chapter 25 is a beautiful picture of the blessings and bounty of Messiah’s reign on “this mountain,” a reference to Jerusalem. Again, all nations will benefit from the exaltation of Israel. Whatever pain and grief that may cause tears will be removed, and even death itself will be banished. Perhaps most exciting of all is that Israel’s trust in God as her Lord and Redeemer will be fully vindicated when Messiah rules in righteousness and justice from Jerusalem. The Lord’s hand of blessing will rest upon His people—a day we look to and hope for!

Study Questions

  1. What counsel did Isaiah give in light of God’s impending judgment of the earth (24:1516)?
  2. How is the punishment of “the kings on the earth” especially appropriate (24:2122)?
  3. What attribute of God does Isaiah praise in 25:1 as he contemplates God’s just judgments and the coming of the Messianic kingdom?

Something to Think About

It is wonderful to contemplate the glories of the coming Messianic kingdom. While we look forward to that day, we also have the privilege and responsibility to do everything in our power today to help alleviate human suffering and wipe away the tears of the needy.