The Wisdom of Age

Respecting and serving the elderly is one of the fundamental tenets of both the Jewish and Christian faiths, and has been, and will remain, one of the key parts of The Fellowship’s mission. In fact, at a recent conference in Jerusalem, we announced a major new initiative with the long-range goal of helping thousands of needy elderly over the next decade.
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Tune In to Holy Land Moments

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is featured on our daily radio program, Holy Land Moments, which can be heard Monday through Friday on Christian radio stations throughout Canada. Holy Land Moments features inspirational teachings about Jewish beliefs and faith, up-to-date information about Israel, and interesting facts about the Holy Land. Visit our website to listen to podcasts of Holy Land Moments and to sign up for a daily devotional.

Journey Through the Scriptures

Deepen your understanding of the Bible with Journey Through The Scriptures. Through this weekly online Bible study series, you’ll learn about the Jewish roots of Christianity as you walk in the footsteps of Israel’s patriarchs, judges, kings, and prophets. Our first installment begins with the story of Abraham, whose faith in God led him to become the father of the Jewish people. Take a Journey Through The Scriptures

Welcome Home!

News of the successful mission that brought two Yemenite families safely to Israel reminds me of the moving opportunity I had last year to welcome Jews from Yemen to the Holy Land.
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Why Do Christians Support Israel?

For two thousand years, Christians and Jews were separated. But today we’re seeing an astonishing reversal of that trend by Christians who are supporting the Jewish people and their nation, Israel. Find out the five primary reasons for the Christian outpouring of support for Israel in this week's Ask the Rabbi

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