Journey Through The Scriptures

An Exciting Adventure of Discovery and Faith in the Pages of God’s Word

Deepen your understanding of the Bible with Journey Through The Scriptures. Through this weekly online Bible study series, you’ll learn about the Jewish roots of Christianity as you walk in the footsteps of Israel’s patriarchs, judges, kings, and prophets on an amazing journey of discovery deep into the heart of God’s word.

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The Life of Abraham

The Bible records the history of Israel and her people, beginning with Abram – later renamed Abraham – who at God’s call left his home in Ur of the Chaldeans to journey to Canaan. Our online Journey Through The Scriptures series begins with the story of this man, whose faith and trust in God led him to become the father of the Jewish people.


  1. The Call and Blessing of Abram
  2. Abram and Lot
  3. God’s Covenant with Abram
  4. The Birth of Ishmael
  5. Abram’s Name Change
  6. The Birth and Offering of Isaac
  7. The Deaths of Sarah and Abraham

The Life of Isaac

The birth of Isaac, son of Abraham, was the fulfillment of God’s promise and set the foundation for a great nation. Learn how Isaac maintained a quiet and unwavering faith and commitment to God even during the most challenging times.


  1. A Bride for Isaac, Part 1
  2. A Bride for Isaac, Part 2
  3. Esau and Jacob Are Born
  4. Isaac Deceives King Abimelech
  5. Jacob Steals Esau’s Blessing
  6. Jacob Deceives Isaac and Esau
  7. Isaac’s Death and Legacy

The Life of Jacob

Jacob’s story is one of the most colorful in the Bible. Journey with us through Jacob’s life and learn how he deceived his brother, tricked his father, slept on a stone, wrestled with God, and became the father of Israel.


  1. Jacob Flees His Brother and Finds a Bride
  2. Jacob Marries Two Sisters
  3. Eleven Sons Are Born to Jacob and His Wives
  4. Jacob Starts for Home and Wrestles with God
  5. Jacob Is Reconciled with Esau
  6. God Renews the Covenant with Jacob (Israel)
  7. Jacob Goes to Egypt, Blesses His Sons, and Dies

The Life of Ruth

Women played many key roles at critical times in Israel’s history – and none more so that Ruth, who appeared on the scene some 400 years after Jacob, during a dark time when people who were faithful to God were hard to find. Explore the life of this fascinating biblical figure.


  1. Ruth Marries Naomi’s Son
  2. Ruth Declares Her Faith
  3. Boaz Meets and Blesses Ruth
  4. Boaz Provides for and Protects Ruth
  5. Ruth Makes a Marriage Proposal
  6. Boaz Speaks up for Ruth
  7. Ruth Marries Boaz and Has a Son

The Life of Esther

Learn more about Esther, a remarkable woman who helped save the Jewish people from destruction in biblical times – and see how, throughout her story, we see God’s hand at work protecting His people.


  1. Esther Is Crowned Queen in Persia
  2. Haman Hatches a Murderous Plot
  3. Esther Prepares to Expose Haman
  4. Haman Is Exposed and Executed
  5. The King’s New Decree
  6. The Jews Defeat Their Enemies
  7. A New Feast Is Celebrated

The Life of Five Righteous Women

Learn the stories of Jochebed, Miriam, Deborah, Hannah and Abigail – five women whose courage serves as a lesson on the power of faith during trying times.


  1. Jochebed Saves Moses from Death
  2. Miriam Helps to Lead Israel
  3. Deborah Distinguishes Herself as Israel’s Judge
  4. Deborah and Barak Defeat Israel’s Enemies
  5. Hannah Prays for a Son
  6. God Answers Hannah’s Prayer
  7. Abigail Displays Courage and Wisdom

Places in the Heart

Learn the significance of biblical sites in the history of Israel – from God’s call to Abraham to King Solomon, who built the temple on Mount Moriah.


  1. Israel’s Promised Land
  2. The Faith of Caleb
  3. David’s Conquest of Jerusalem
  4. Jerusalem—Israel’s Worship Center
  5. Solomon’s Magnificent Temple in Jerusalem
  6. Sacrifice of Isaac – Mount Moriah, Part 1
  7. Sacrifice of Isaac – Mount Moriah, Part 2

Psalms of Comfort and Hope

Take a spiritual journey through the holy hymns from Israel’s “song book.” The Psalms have strengthened, blessed, and encouraged God's people for centuries.


  1. The Shepherd and His Flock
  2. A Cry for Mercy
  3. Confidence in the Lord
  4. Who Is There to Fear?
  5. Light in the Darkness
  6. A Mature Person of God
  7. The House of the Lord

Psalms of Praise and Worship

Hymns from Israel’s ‘Song Book’ to Deepen Our Wonder and Adoration at the Greatness of Our God.


  1. God’s Awesome Majesty
  2. The Lord Is Our Fortress
  3. Delivered from Our Troubles
  4. The Mighty God
  5. Sing to the Lord
  6. God Rescues His People
  7. The Lord Our Helper

Psalms of Wisdom and Instruction

We reflect on the inspiring hymns from Israel’s spiritual song book, the book of Psalms. These are psalms of wonder and adoration, of God’s law and God’s love.


  1. A Blessed and Fruitful Life
  2. The Law of the Lord
  3. Trust in the Lord
  4. The God of Jacob Is Our Fortress
  5. The Blessing of Being in God’s House
  6. The Frailty of Life and Our Need for God
  7. The Lord Alone Is God of Heaven and Earth

The Twelve Tribes of Israel, Part I

The Gripping Drama of Jacob’s Sons and the Critical Place They Hold in Israel’s Development and History.


  1. One Incredible Family
  2. Two Prominent Sons
  3. A Violent Duo
  4. Two Middle Brothers
  5. “Fortune’ and ‘Happy’
  6. Open Rivalry in Jacob’s House
  7. Rachel’s Sons—Jacob’s Favorites

The Twelve Tribes of Israel, Part II

The Fascinating Character and History of the People Who Descended from the Twelve Sons of Jacob.


  1. Passed Over for Leadership
  2. Scattered Among the Tribes
  3. Rulers of the Land
  4. Three Great Warrior Tribes
  5. Three Profitable Traders
  6. Blessed Sons of Joseph
  7. Violent Outcasts


The Great Prophet, Priest, and Judge Who Led Israel through Dark Times and Anointed the Nation’s First Two Kings.


  1. God Answers Hannah’s Prayer
  2. Samuel Answers God’s Call
  3. Victory Over the Philistines
  4. The Anointing of Saul
  5. Saul Is Confirmed as King
  6. Samuel’s Final Message
  7. Samuel’s Final Days

Jonah: God’s Reluctant Prophet

The Man Who Ran from His Calling and Regretted the Great Success of His Ministry.


  1. Running Away from God
  2. Tossed into a Raging Sea
  3. Praying from Inside the Fish
  4. A Second Chance at Nineveh
  5. The Ninevites Repent
  6. Jonah’s Anger at God
  7. The Vine that Grew and Died

David, Part I

Israel’s Great Shepherd-King Warrior, Poet, Giant-Killer, and Spiritual Leader of His People.


  1. Anointed as Israel’s King
  2. David Defeats Goliath
  3. A Fugitive from Saul
  4. David Eludes His Pursuers
  5. David Spares Saul’s Life
  6. Life Among the Philistines
  7. The Deaths of Saul and Jonathan

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