Sermon Links for The Passover Experience

Below are listed several sermons that can be applied topically to each of The Passover Experience Bible studies. You can use the sermons in conjunction with the Bible studies for an integrated three-week program leading up to Passover, or you can use them as resource material for your own Passover lesson or teaching material. Several video teaching illustrations related to the sermon topics are also included as an additional resource for you.

These sermons were prepared by a variety of pastors from different denominations for a Christian audience and were selected to help deepen your congregation's faith in light of the Passover experience.

God Sends a Deliverer—Exodus 3:14:31

God Has Big Plans for You

You will be most effective in life if you seek to do God's will God's way, and are ready when he calls.
— Steve May, managing editor of

Four Keys to Effective Living—Moses

Moses settled four basic questions of life: Who am I? What are my choices? What is really important? What are my goals?
— Jerry Shirley, pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Decatur, IL

The Excuses of Moses

How we use the same excuses Moses used when it comes to serving the Lord.
— Darren Rogers, pastor, Bethany Baptist Church, Pwllgwaun, United Kingdom

Moses—Faithful to Fearful

How can we overcome fear and be faithful in following the Lord?
— Scott Kircher, pastor, Hickory Creek Community Church, Frankfort, IL

Pharaoh's Hardened Heart

War of the Gods

10 PLAGUES and the SIGNIFICANCE of each. This showdown is not just between Moses & Pharaoh, but between Jehovah God and the gods of Egypt.
— Jerry Shirley, pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Decatur, IL

God Reveals Himself Through Pharaoh's Heart

God reveals Himself as a God of power, judgment, patience, and salvation when Pharaoh hardens his heart against Moses and the Israelites.
— Joel Pankow, pastor, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Topeka, KS,

Remember This Day!—Exodus11:110; 12:130; 13:16

When Life Feels Like a Desert

Remembering God’s faithfulness in the past gives us hope to trust in his faithfulness in the present.
— Dave Gibson, senior pastor, Cypress Bible Church, Cypress, TX

The Dinner Guests of God

A look at Passover and its ties to Jesus' Last Supper with His disciples; how communion searches and strengthens our hearts.
— Lee Eclov, pastor, Village Church of Lincolnshire, Lake Forest, IL

Passover Praise—Psalms 113118

This cycle of six psalms, known as the "Egyptian Hallel" (praise), was used at Passover. While only one psalm mentions Egypt, the theme of each fits the season during which Israel celebrated redemption from a condition of slavery.
— Curtis Kittrell, Faith Mission, Temple, OK

Resources from Rabbi Eckstein

A Hard and Heavy Heart

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's video clip from Returning to Zion at

Jewish Roots of Christianity—Passover

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's message on the Passover and its significance for the Jewish people, found at

How Firm a Foundation

Paraclete Press, Brewster, Massachusetts, 1997, "The Festivals of the Jewish Year," pp. 7588. This chapter focuses on Passover and the Seder. To purchase the book, How Firm a Foundation, and other resources, go to

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