Learn to Be Extraordinary

Join The Fellowship family in answering God’s call to #BeExtraordinary! Ordinary actions are often extraordinary to others. This month, you can show people you care each day. Download a copy of our #BeExtraordinary calendar as a reminder of things you can do throughout the month to show special people in your life how extraordinary they are to you.

Hover over today's date for instructions and click through the link to get additional information. Bookmark this page, and come back often to check out each day’s activities and resources.

Homepage Are you ready to #BeExtraordinary? This is going to be an incredible month of seeing God move! Be sure to save this calander or print it off, so you can join in each day for an EXTRAORDINARY activity. Read our theme verse, Isaiah 25:1. Share a favourite photo with a family member and call them and tell them why it is important. Take a walk and revel in the beauty of God's creations. It is so important for a person to know who they are so that they can fulfill their life’s mission. CLICK HERE Now, more than ever, we are called to make a difference. Donate today. CLICK HERE When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. Psalm 94:19 CLICK HERE No one expected 2020 would turn out this way. What are you  enjoying most about Social Isolation? CLICK HERE Can you help out in your community? Food banks? Cheering on first responders? CLICK HERE Thank someone who has done something for you. Even simple acts can be extraordinary. CLICK HERE Honour the special woman in your life with a card or a phone call. Rebekkah was known for her kindness. Extend an act of kindness for someone today. #BeExtraordinary CLICK HERE What is your favourite bible verse. Share why it is inspiring for you. CLICK HERE As we come to the middle of the week, reflect on the blessings that God has poured out on you over the past couple days. Pray that He would teach you his ways for the remainder of the week. Spring Cleaning: Clean your closets and donate gently warn clothes to a local shelter. Check in on an elderly neighbour, friend or family to make sure they are okay. Be like Hannah and pray for the people in your life today. CLICK HERE Reflect on what is important: have your priorities changed? What has changed in your life? CLICK HERE How will you be celebrating Victoria Day? How do you teach your children/grand children to be generous and giving? CLICK HERE Start and end each day with gratitude for what you have. Join us in our virtual prayer service tonight.  Call 877-365-5237  at 8.P.M. E.S.T. CLICK HERE Celebrate Jerusalem Day by learning something new. During COVID-19 Social Isolation, did you learn something new? CLICK HERE Download Work of the Heart. CLICK HERE Have you or do you know of someone who is lost to us? Pray for them today. CLICK HERE It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day churn of life that we forget all God has done for us! Consider writing down all the ways God has carried you through this past week, month, and year. Sarah was known for her love of learning. What have you learned, and how will you continue to grow? CLICK HERE Tell us about someone who has helped you that you didn't expect. CLICK HERE Shavuot - listen to an audio exerpt about the lessons of thankfulness. CLICK HERE Deuteronomy 15:10 teaches us to give generously and without a grudge. What did you learn from this process? What will you keep doing? CLICK HERE

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